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NEET is the most famous and important medical entrance examination held in our country. This exam is an objective type, an offline test which includes 4 sections namely– Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. The maximum marks that can be scored are 720 marks and have 180 questions.

About half of the paper consists of questions from Biology, as the NEET exam essentially focuses on capacitating students to go for seats in medical courses. One of the most significant and crucial sections in the NEET exam is of Biology. It comprises of theories, descriptions, discoveries, diagrams, definitions, explanations of differences, and relations. The majority of the topics covered in the NEET syllabus are from the NCERT syllabus of Class 11 & 12 and other related sources become part of the rest of the syllabus.

Clear Exam curates a list of articles selected by professionals who recommend the highly vital topics for NEET exams. The table below takes you directly to the respective topic where the in-depth article and the MCQs are available for an easy and productive learning experience. Prior to solving NEET question papers or practicing mock tests, you must ensure to study the basic concepts in NEET and practice a few sample questions related to this exam. Students will be covered for all their studies as the topics are available from basics to even the most advanced. 

Q1. In which state of India, Ecosave toilets are not found?
  •  Kerala
  •  Delhi
  •  Sri lanka
  •  None of these
An ecologically compatible system of disposal of human excreta is the use of dry composting toilets, called ecosave toilets. No water is required. Human excreta is converted into a resource as it forms natural fertilizer. Ecosan toilets are already working in many parts of Kerala and Sri Lanka

Q2. Which one of the following gases can deplete ozone layer in the upper atmosphere?
  •  Ammonia
  •  Methane
  •  Carbon Monoxide
  •  Sulphur dioxide
Ozone is an isotope of oxygen. It exists at a height of about 15-60 km in the middle and upper stratosphere and lower mesosphere. Major pollutant responsible for the depletion of ozone are chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons (like benzene, methane)

Q3. In India, at the beginning of the twentieth century, forests covered about …A… % of land whereas by the end of the century, it shrunk to …B… %
  •  A-40; B-20.4
  •  A-30; B-19.4
  •  A-50; B-25.4
  •  A-20; B-10.4
In India, at the beginning of the twentieth century, forests covered about 30% of land, whereas by the end of the century, it shrunk to 19.4%

Q4. Ozone saves the biosphere by absorbing the high energy radiation called
  •  Infra-red rays (IR)
  •  Ultraviolet rays (UV)
  •  X-rays
  •  Gamma rays
Ozone (O3) is a gas, which is present as a layer in the stratosphere. It absorbs the high energy radiations or ultra violet (UV) rays from sun and protects us from the harmful effects of these radiations.

Q5. A sewage treatment process, in which a portion of the decomposer bacteria present in the waste is recycled into the beginning of the process, is called
  •  Cyclic treatment
  •  Primary treatment
  •  Activated sludge treatmen
  •  Tertiary treatment
The word ‘activated sludge system’ is derived from the practice of adding to the incoming sewage of the sludge from a previous batch. This sludge inoculums contains large numbers of metabolizing bacteria, together with yeasts, molds and Protozoa. An especially important ingredient of the sludge are species of Zoogloea bacteria, which from flocculent masses (floc) in the aeration tanks. The activity of these aerobic microorganisms oxidizes much of the effluent’s organic matter into carbon dioxide and water. When the aeration phase is completed, the floc (secondary sludge) is allowed to settle to the bottom just as the primary sludge settle in primary treatment.

Q6. Which of the following strategies is not a correct approach to reduce global warming?
  •  Reducing the green-house gas emission by limiting the use of fossil fuels
  •  Increase the vegetation cover particularly the forest for photosynthetic utilization of CO2
  •  Minimising the use of nitrogen fertilizers, in agriculture for reducing NO2 emission
  •  Increasing the use of air conditioners, refrigeration unit and production of plastic
Global warming is the warming/ heating up of the earth’s atmosphere due to depletion of ‘ozone’ in the stratosphere. Major pollutants responsible for this depletion are chlorofluoro carbons (CFCs), nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.
CFCs widely used as coolants in air conditioners and refrigerators, cleaning solvents, aerosol propellants and in foam insulation. It is also used in fire extinguishing equipments. On escaping to the stratosphere, it cause depletion or thinning of protective ozone layer. It results in direct and indirect harmful effects leading to temperature changes and rainfull failures on earth. So, decreasing the use of air conditioners, jet planes, green house gases, etc, or developing the substitutes for CFCs can be able to reduce global warming.

Q7. Which of the following is not shortwave radiation?
  •  X-rays
  •  Radio waves
  •  Ultra-violet rays
  •  Cosmic waves
Radio waves are not short wave radiations. These have high wavelength, i.e, 10^3m.

Q8. The term ‘biomagnification’ refers to the
  •  Growth of organisms due to food consumption
  •  Increase in population size
  •  Blowing up of environmental issues by man
  •  Increasing in the concentration of non-degradable pollutants as they pass through food chain
The phenomenon of increasing concentration of harmful substances inside the body of organism at successive trophic level is known as biomagnification. The pesticides, DDT, inorganic nitrate and non-degradable pollutants enter into the body of plants and animals through food chain.

Q9. Delhi is one of the most polluted cities of the world. Which of the following steps were taken by the government to reduce vehicular pollution in Delhi
I. Phasing out of old vehicles
II. Use of unleaded petrol
III. Use of low sulphur petrol and diesel
IV. Use of catalytic converters in vehicles
V. Applying stringent pollution level norms for vehicles
VI. Switch over of public transport from diesel/petrol to CNG
Which of the statements given above are correct?
  •  I, II and III
  •  II, III, IV and V
  •  I, III, IV and V
  •  All of these
Delhi has the maximum number of vehicles in India. The problem of air pollution was so serious in Delhi. So, the Supreme Court directed the government to take appropriate measure for reducing pollution caused by automobiles through (i) Switch over of public transport from diesel/petrol to CNG
(ii) Phasing out of old vehicles
(iii) Use of unleaded petrol and reduced sulphur content of diesel
(iv) Fitting the vehicles with catalytic converters
(v) Compulsory regular check-up of pollution emission of vehicles and enforcement of Euro II norms

Q10. Due to attack of fumes of sulphur dioxide and sulphuric acid, the marble of Taj Mahal and Red stone of Red fort changed into calcium sulphate which causes
  •  Stone leprosy
  •  Stone Mosaic
  •  Corrosion
  •  None of these
Stone leprosy is due to SO2 that forms acid rain. The SO2 from Mathura refinery is the cause of stone leprosy of Taj Mahal. The Red Fort in Delhi is near old Delhi Railway Station where SO2 is main pollutant coming from coal burning in Railway yards and trains

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