Maharashtra SSC Board Exams

Prep Your Way for Maharashtra SSC Board

Maharashtra SSC Board Exams

Achieve high scores in Maharashtra SSC board exams and unlock the potential of your future. It is engraved in the minds of school goers that board exams are very difficult and that they are the main examinations in which they have to appear twice during their schooling in Classes X and XII.
Many students get anxious about the exams as they approach because of the vast syllabus. Maharashtra SSC board exams are taken by students pursuing their Class X. What makes these exams quite important is that the score determines the subject the student chooses for pursuing higher studies.
Maharashtra SSC Board

Students are taught common subjects until Class X. From Class XI, however, they get a chance to choose their area or subject of interest which they would study in detail according to their choice and their future preferences. Candidates will be able to download the important forms, date sheet and Maharashtra SSC Board Admit Card from the official website of Maharashtra board.

Students are advised to keep on hopping to the official website as all the important updates regarding the exam are posted over there. Maharashtra board conducts Class X board exams is the Maharashtra Board. All the schools that come under the board have to adhere to the rules as laid down by Maharashtra Board.

Total number of subjects in the SSC board exams is. This includes English, Maths, Social Science, Hindi, Marathi and Science. For the students, it is crucial that they perform well in the Class X board exams.

Many meritorious students dream of scoring the highest percentage but the road to score them is not an easy one. Students have to put in their full dedication towards their studies.

Time Management Crucial For Maharashtra SSC Board 

Managing time is one of the biggest concerns for the students when they prepare for exams. Candidates have to achieve a lot and that too in a short span of time. When it comes to time management, many students go blank as they don’t have any clue about it.

Time is a priceless entity which nobody can lend or borrow. Utilizing time is really crucial for students.

Candidates must develop a daily plan and execute it in a disciplined manner so that they cover the syllabus in the time remaining. Every individual has the same 24 hours. Maharashtra SSC examinees are no exception to the same. It is up to them to utilize the time and achieve illustrious careers. 

How to Register For Maharashtra SSC Board Exams 

All the aspirants who are set to appear for Maharashtra SSC Board Exams are required to fill the registration form duly. In September 2019, the registration forms were released by the board. The students who submitted the form after the last date had to shell out the late fee along with the form. 
Before filling in the form, the students should keep their documents including the identification proof, scanned signature and photograph handy.

On the official website www.mahahsscboard.in, the students can easily find the registration form that can be filled online. When the form opens the candidates are required to fill in their details correctly. Post which, the students can submit the form along with the fees. 

Comparative Analysis of the Previous Year Results of Maharashtra SSC Board Exams

Maharashtra SSC Board

CLEAR EXAM presents a comparative analysis of the students’ performance. As is clear from the graph above, girls outshine their male counterparts for past five years consecutively.

The passing percentage of students over the years is also mentioned along with the number of students who appeared in the Maharashtra SSC Board exams between 2014 and 2018. Number of students appearing for the board exams have increased drastically.

There has been a significant decrease in the passing percentage of students over the years. In 2016, the passing percentage had spiked up to 93% but in 2018 the passing percentage dipped to 89%. 

CLEAREXAM Preparation Tips for Maharashtra SSC Board

Maharashtra SSC Board

The Maharashtra SSC Board Preparation Tips really give the boost to the students that they lacked. It is stressful for the students before the exam as they have to complete the syllabus on time and that they require time for revision too.

There are many chances that the students may make mistakes while drafting their exam schedule. This is the reason why they should develop a time-table keeping in mind the days left for the exam to start and the chapters in each subject. The suggested trick advices students start their preparation with the subject they consider to be the most difficult one.

Through this methodology difficult subjects get covered first. This creates psychological positivity and then the students can devote the rest of the time for the subjects they think is easy. Studying on a daily basis for the exams is a must for every Maharashtra SSC board candidate sans which completing the syllabus can become a Herculean task.

If a student feels the need of more attention towards one particular subject they can go for tuitions for the subjects they are weak in.

Habit of regular studies can only be established in the students if they understand how tough the board exams are and that they need to prepare. Scoring a reasonable percentage in Class X is the goal of many students. There, however, are only a few handful who work willingly towards the goal.

Solving doubts in Class X is an effective tool that enhances the understanding of a subject. Self motivation is the power that will encourage the students to work hard to achieve the desired score. Heavy practise is required by the candidates in the subjects they consider difficult and practising the sample papers to get to know the Maharashtra SSC board 10th Exam Pattern can help too.

During preparation for the board exams, students must not neglect their health as it is very important that they remain healthy to appear in the exams. 

Pointers for Maharashtra SSC Boards

There are certain points which the students need to note for Maharashtra SSC Boards and that can be helpful for them. Students can easily find the time table for Maharashtra SSC Board exams on the Maharashtra SSC board official website: mahahsscboard.maharashtra.gov.in.

Board exams are likely to be conducted between March 3, and March 23. The examinations will be conducted will be in two sessions: morning and afternoon session.

During the exam time, it is very important that the students follow the dates on which the admit card would be released by the board. Tentative date for the same is in January it would get published on the official website of Maharashtra Board. All that the students need to do is that they have to enter their login credentials into the website and then the admit card will show up that the candidates have to download.

Students must achieve a minimum of 35 percent in every subject. If a student fails to score 35% in any subject then there is a provision of compartment examinations.

Candidates wait for the Maharashtra board SSC Results which is supposed to be out in June. The system followed for downloading the admit card will have to be repeated for viewing the results too.

Students should keep checking the website regularly for latest updates. Maharashtra Class X board examinations are the doorway leading the students to their respective professional destinations.

Students must really push their limits to earn merit in the Class X board examinations. Higher the percentage the better their chances for subject selection will be: Commerce, Science and Humanities. 

Important Dates for Maharashtra SSC Boards

With the exams closing in, the students must know at their fingertips what the important dates are for the exam as they have to prepare accordingly. The date sheet for the exam is crucial for the exams as they are the blueprint of the exam schedule. This what that informs them on how much time they have and what all needs to be completed. 

Meritorious students devise their own strategy, study time tables according to the date sheet so that they are well prepared for the exams ahead. There are many benefits that the students get by developing a comprehensive study schedule for the exams as it has been proved that the syllabus for the exam gets finished in a systematic way and there is also some time in hand for revision. 

For the reference of the students, CLEAR EXAM has compiled a list of important dates for the upcoming Maharashtra SSC Board exams.

Dates  Exams
03 Mar Exam - First language- Marathi (01), Hindi (02) Urdu(04) Gujarati (05) Kannada (06) Tamil (07) Telugu (08) Malayalam (09) Sindhi (10) Bengali (11) Punjabi (12) | Mode: Offline
03 Mar, Exam - Second or Third language- German(34), French (35) | Mode: Offline
04 Mar, Exam - Second or Third Language (Composite Course)- Marathi (Composite) (A) | Mode: Offline
04 Mar, Exam - Second or Third language- Marathi (16) Kannada (20) Tamil (21) Telugu (22) Malayalam (23) Sindhi (24) Bengali (25) Punjabi (26) | Mode: Offline
06 Mar, Exam - Second or Third language- Hindi (15) | Mode: Offline
06 Mar, Exam - Second or Third language (composite course)- Hindi (composite) (B) | Mode: Offline
07 Mar, Exam - Second or Third language- Urdu (18) Gujarati (19) Sanskrit (27) Pali (28) Ardhamagadhi (29) Persian (30) Arabic (31) Avesta (32) Pahlavi (33) Russian (36) | Mode: Offline
09 Mar, Exam - First language- English (03) | Mode: Offline
09 Mar, Exam - Third language- English (17) | Mode: Offline
12 Mar, Exam - Mathematics part-1 - Algebra (71) & Arithmetic (76) (for special needs (divyanga)- blind, deaf, spastics, Autism & learning disabled etc.) | Mode: Offline
14 Mar, Exam - Mathematics (71) paper-II (Geometry) | Mode: Offline
16 Mar, Exam - Physiology Hygiene & Home Science (77) (for special needs (divyanga)- blind, deaf, spastics, autism & learning disabled etc. ) | Mode: Offline
16 Mar, Exam - Science and technology (part I) (72) | Mode: Offline
18 Mar, Exam - Science and technology part-II (72) | Mode: Offline
21 Mar, Exam - Social sciences- paper-I (History and Political Science) | Mode: Offline
23 Mar, Exam - Social sciences- paper-II (Geography) | Mode: Offline

Eligibility For Maharashtra SSC Board 

Eligibility criteria for an exam is the most vital aspect that the students must check before they apply for an exam. 

The Maharashtra SSC board 10th application Form is submitted by regular school students and also the private candidates. It is very important that they meet the criteria for the board exams. 

CLEAR EXAM has compiled a list of eligibility criteria for the board exams.

Students must have passed Class IX exams and have maintained an attendance of a minimum of 75% to appear for Maharashtra SSC exams.

In case of attendance shortage due to medical emergencies or other unavoidable circumstances, students must contact the Divisional Chairman to get the approval for appearing in Maharashtra SSC exams.

The Chairman has the authority to approve a maximum shortage of attendance up to 15%.

Application Procedure For Maharashtra SSC Board

The tentative date for the commencement of Maharashtra SSC board application process is in the month of October 2019. The students will get to know the exact date of application form by the notice duly issued on the official website.The major concern of the students is that they fill the application form correctly and it is very important that the regular and private students fill it with utmost caution.

There are two modes through which the students will be able to fill the application form: Offline and Online. The students should mark that they have to pay the application fee at the time they submit the application form for that is mandatory. 

Candidates must complete their application carefully because the ones who miss will not be able to appear in the Maharashtra SSC board exams. 

Syllabus For Maharashtra SSC Board

Maharashtra SSC Board

If the students know the Maharashtra SSC board syllabus well, they would be able to plan in advance how will they be able to complete the syllabus. The students ought to complete the syllabus well in advance as all topics taught to them fall under the purview of Maharashtra SSC board exams.
Understanding the overall course structure along with the marks weightage which each chapter carries is very important for the Class X board exam aspirants. Drafting an effective plan to complete the syllabus is the first thing that the students must be doing in case they want to score according to their aspirations in the exams.

CLEAR EXAM presents the Maharashtra SSC board 10th syllabus for the English subject for the reference of Class X Maharashtra board examinees. 

Subject Important Topics
English Prose
Grammar-revision of grammatical items studied up to Std VIII
Different kinds of sentences-simple, compound, complex
The tenses-continuous, present perfect, past perfect, future with will/shall and going to
Reported speech

Subject Unit name Important Topics
Science Materials
  1. Acids and Bases
  2. Chemical Reactions
  3. Oxidation and Reduction
  4. Metals and Non-metals
  5. Carbon Compounds
The World of Living
  1. Life Processes
  2. Control in the Living
  3. Reproduction in the Living
  4. Heredity and Evolution
Moving Things
  1. Electric Circuits
  2. Magnets
Natural Phenomena
  1. Light
  2. Spherical Mirrors
  3. Refraction
  4. Lenses
  1. Types of Pollution
  2. Sources of Pollution and Major Pollutants
  3. Effect of Pollution on the Environment
  4. Abatement of Pollution
Striving for a Better Environment
  1. Use of efficient and eco-friendly technology
  2. Sustainable Use of Resources
  3. Enforcement of acts, Laws, and Policies


Subject Units Important topics
Maths Arithmetic Progression Introduction to Sequence Arithmetic Progression (A.P.) Geometric Progression (G.P.)
General term of an A.P. and G.P. Sum of the first 'n' terms of an A.P. and G.P
Quadratic Equations Introduction to quadratic equations, Solutions of quadratic equations, Nature of roots based on discriminant, Relation between roots of the equation and coefficient of the terms in the equation Equations reducible to a quadratic form
Linear equations in two variables System of linear equations in two variables, Algebraic methods of solving linear equations in two variables, Graphical representation of different possibilities of solutions/Inconsistency, Graphical method of solving a system of linear equations, Determinant of order two.
Probability Introduction to probability and related terms, Classical definition of probability, Types of events, Equally likely outcomes, Probability of an event, Properties of Probability
Statistics Brief revision of Tabulation of data, inclusive and exclusive type of tables, Mean, median and mode of grouped data, Histograms, frequency polygon, frequency curve, pie diagram, Ogives (Cumulative frequency graphs), Applications of ogives in the determination of median, Relation between measures of central tendency, Introduction to normal distribution
Units Important Topics
Similarity Properties of ratios of areas of two triangles, Basic proportionality theorem, Introduction to similarity, Similar triangles, Areas of two similar triangles, Similarity in right-angled triangles, Pythagoras theorem and its converse.
Circle Tangents and its properties, Theorem - Tangent at any point to the circle is perpendicular to the radius and its converse, Number of tangents from a point to a circle, Theorem- The length of two tangent segments drawn from a point outside the circle are equal, Touching circles
Coordinate Geometry Slope of a line, Intercepts made by a line, Standard forms of equation of a line, General equation of a line.
Geometric Constructions Construction of tangent to the circle from the point on the circle and outside the circle. · Construction of tangent without using centre · Construction of triangle If the base, angle opposite to it and either median altitude is given · Construction of a triangle similar to a given triangle
Trigonometry Angles in standard position, Trigonometric ratios in terms of coordinates of a point, Trigonometric Identities (with proof), Use of basic identities and their applications, Problems on height and distance
Menstruation Length of an arc, Area of the sector, Area of a Circular Segment, Euler's formula, Surface area and volume of cuboids Spheres, hemispheres, right circular cylinders cones, frustum of a cone, Problems based on areas and perimeter/circumference of circle, sector and segment of a circle.


Subject Units Important Topic
History Imperialism a) Geographical discoveries and colonization
b) Asia: India, China, Japan
c) Africa
20th Century Age of conflict a) First world war
b) Russian Revolution
c) The League of Nations
d) Dictatorships in Europe, Second World War and world
e) United Nations Organization
Emancipation of Asia and Africa a) Asia
b) Africa
World after World War II a) Cold war
b) Scientific and Technological Progress
c) Globalization
Political Science Chapters -
1) Democracy Meaning, Types and characteristics
2) Political Parties and types Meaning, Need, Types of Political Parties - National and Regional.
3) Social Diversity and Democracy, What is social diversity?
i) Caste/race and Democracy
ii) Language and Democracy
iii) Religion and Democracy
iv) Gender and Democracy
4) Challenges to Democracy Remedial measures to the challenges
5) Internal work
Geography Units Important Topics
Physical Divisions of India Identification of Physical divisions
North Indian Mountains Himalayas, Associated mountains
North Indian Plain Region Deserts, Western Plains, Central Plains, Eastern Plains, Delta region
Peninsular Plateau Region Malwa Plateau, Chhota Nagpur Plateau, Maharashtra Plateau, Karnataka Plateau, Telangana Plateau
The Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats Sahyadries, Eastern Ghats
Coastal Region Eastern coastal plain, Western coastal plain
Indian Islands Western Islands, Eastern Islands
Practical One dimensional diagram, Two-dimensional diagrams
Economics Chapters:
1) Introduction of an Economy-What is an economy?, Types of Economy, Main features of Economy.
2) Basic problems of an economy solution.
3) Public distribution system & consumer protection- Introduction, Public Distribution system - meaning & explanation, Objectives of P.D.S., Progress of P.D.S., Drawbacks of P.D.S., Remedial Measures, Consumer Protection - Rights & duties of consumer, food adulteration.

Examination Pattern For Maharashtra SSC Board

Maharashtra SSC Board

The exam format for Class X board exams is very different from the school exams that the students have been appearing and that is the reason that makes it vital for the students to know beforehand. The candidates will only be able to understand the exam pattern if they practise mock test series or the sample papers.

Sample papers are set just like the main exam papers and by practising them the students get the real exam taking experience. One way the students can learn time management for the exams is just by practicing the mock test in the time frame of the test.

Time management is the quality that is required by the students of Class X as it has happened time and again that the candidates miss out on solving questions due to the last minute time crunch that they face. Students ought to divide the total time to the number of questions so that they can know how much time they can spend on each question. 

When the students will be able to complete the question paper before time, they can revise the answers before submitting the answer sheet. One needs to score a minimum of 35 percent for passing individual subjects. 

Mock Tests For Maharashtra SSC Board

Maharashtra SSC Board

Mock tests are the only way the students can know what are their strengths and weaknesses are. It is a habit of brightest students that they practise the mock test papers before the exam. This must be followed by the other students so that they can become their potent competitors.

When the students appear for the mock tests on a regular basis, they get to know how much marks they are score and how much they have to practise to get a reasonable score. It is very important that the candidates practise the sample papers and then make tiny improvements to achieve bigger goals in the longer run.If they fail to do so, they fall at the mercy of luck!

The Class X Maharashtra board exams are crucial for the students and every student must perform their supreme best. When a candidate has completed the syllabus then their only motive ought to be is to improve their scores.

There is easy availability of the mock test papers, both online & offline, of every subject and the answer key so that the students can check the answers themselves. 

Admit Card For Maharashtra SSC Board

Maharashtra SSC Board

Maharashtra board is likely to publish the admit card in February and the students must lock these dates in their calendar so that they can download the admit card timely. The private candidates have to download the admit card from the official website of the board while the regular ones can collect their admit card from their respective schools.

Admit cards for all the students will be made available on the website. One can easily view it by entering their login credentials. To download the admit card the students need to open the official website and go to the download admit card section.

The page that will open up in that the students will get their respective admit cards after they enter their credentials. On the test day, it is vital that every student must carry their admit card to the exam centre, failing which they would not be allowed at the centre. This is a very crucial that the students make sure that they carry their admit cards and their school IDs with them as they leave for the exam.

Another thing that the students must ensure that they reach the exam centre on stipulated time because the students who arrive late to the exam centre will also be denied an entry. There are very strict rules on the timings of the Maharashtra SSC Board exams and the students are supposed to abide.

Reaching the exam centre 15 minutes in advance is advisable. It has been seen time and again that the students face traffic issues or other issues beyond their control as they travel to their exam centres. Keeping a buffer can save the examinee from the eleventh hour rush.

Along with the preparations, it is very important that students keep everything ready aday in advance so that nothing gets missed out. 

Result for Maharashtra SSC Board 

The SSC Result Maharashtra State Board is often stressful for the students as this is their first face off with the outside world. Prior to this, the exams they took were the school’s internal affair. Everyone including family and friends is interested in the results.The students take this almost to be the D-Day.The 10th result Maharashtra Board SSC for Maharashtra SSC Board is likely to be published in June on the official website. 

The future of the candidates depends on the result of the Class X exams. The subject streams are allocated to the students on the basis of marks. Every possible increase in the same is to be welcomed. Top scorers are awarded science streams while those with lesser marks compromise with commerce. Humanities stand at the last. 

Maharashtra SSC Board

The cut off system followed in the higher education starts after Class X when the students face the cutoff system for the first time. There is a certain procedure that the students need to follow for downloading the result. For that, the students have to visit the official website and click on the result button.

It will be better for the students if they keep their original copy of the result and the result printout safe with them as this is what they would need for admissions to placement and eventual job changes, if any. 

The Way Ahead For Maharashtra SSC Board Students

A major decision awaits the Class X students as they gear up for the Maharashtra SSC Board exams. Candidates are required to choose subject streams for higher education.

There are streams including Commerce, Science and Humanities. Choice of the student is asked for the allocation of the stream but it is required that the students must have scored ample marks in Class X so that they are allowed the stream they want to pursue.

Many students have clarity on the career they aspire to pursue right from the beginning. They are sure about the stream that they want to choose which is in accordance to the career that they want to achieve. Students must know that there are different professions one can opt for when one chooses a stream.

To get into the medical or engineering fields the students need to take up the science stream with Mathematics or Biology as their subjects. For going into accounts and financial services, the students must opt for commerce stream. If the student wants to pursue economics, political science and sociology, Humanities serve the purpose.

Different schools offer different subject combinations through which the students can select the subjects that they want to study. This is a very important decision and the students must take it with utmost patience and wisdom. 

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BEST NEET COACHING CENTER | BEST IIT JEE COACHING INSTITUTE | BEST NEET & IIT JEE COACHING: Maharashtra SSC Class 10th Board Exam Dates, Results, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Papers, Admit Card
Maharashtra SSC Class 10th Board Exam Dates, Results, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Papers, Admit Card
Get the latest updates and notifications for Maharashtra SSC Class 10th. Stay informed about exam schedules, important announcements, and prepare.
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