UP Board Class 10th Exam

Give Your Best at 10th Class UP Board Exam

Giving the 10th board examination gives the jitters to every student and it is quite a crucial exam for them. The first main school examination that will determine the stream of the students is the 10th board exam only.

The UP Board Exam is a very important exam for class 10th students and they have a dire need to pass the examination as it will be an important turning point for them. The candidates who come under the Uttar Pradesh state are required to give the exam and this exam is conducted in the Hindi Language.

This is an annual examination which is conducted by the state board and then they have to give the exam. When it comes to working on the exam the students require to put in their best foot forward to get ahead of the race in the examination.

The examination begins from February till March. These dates are very important for the students as they have to score well in the exams and for that, they need to put their hard work and dedication. The school scheme that the students follow is the one which is prescribed to the students by the school itself and they have to make sure that they are preparing according to it.

The UP 10th class board exam is conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Parishad (UPMSP) and the exam date sheet is released by the board itself. There are two shift timings for the exam such as the morning shift is commenced from 8 am till 11 am and the evening shift begins from 2 pm till 5 pm.

This state-level examination is conducted in 6 subjects and one optional subject which is Home Science and the main subjects are Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, Drawing and Social Sciences. The UP board result gets released in the month of April and the result is quite awaited by the candidates.

UP Board Class 10th Exam 

The students get filled with anxiety when the exam clock strikes but they need to remain calm so that their performance does not get affected. They can view the UP board result high school in both online and offline modes.

The students must note that the total time of the exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes and the candidates need to complete the exam in the given duration. Scoring a high percentage in each subject so as the overall percentage can be high is the main aim of the aspirants of Class 10th UP Board. 

# List of Important Dates for UP Board

UP Board 10th Exam Date sheet, Syllabus, Question Papers, Result, Exam Pattern

The following is a list of the prominent dates which the students require to make a note of for the exam. The UP Board exams for class 10th start from February and they will be continuing till the first week of March.

Candidates should be downloading the date sheet as soon as the board publishes the exam time table on the official website. Keeping a tab on the official UP board official website will be very helpful for the students because they will be posted about the exam notifications.

According to the data sheet, the students can start developing their own study time table as it will be very fruitful for them. Preparing for the exams beforehand makes the student well prepared and they can also get an ample amount of time to practice the sample papers.

By visiting the official website that is upmsp.edu.in. the students can get to know a lot of information about the exam. It is beneficial for the students that the exam important dates are notified quite before so that the preparations can be done accordingly.

By following a simple procedure the students will be able to download the time table successfully. The students need to visit the official website and click on the link for time table. 
When the exam time table opens up the students should first go through it that it is of the correct year or not and then download the time table.

Dates  Exams 
18 February Hindi, Primary Hindi | Mode: Offline
19 February   Pali, Arbi, Farsi | Mode: Offline
19 February Music | Mode: Offline
20 February   Home Science | Mode: Offline
22 February   English | Mode: Offline
24 February   Gujarati/ Urdu/ Punjabi/ Bengali/ Marathi/Assamese/ Oriya/ Kannada/ Kashmiri/ Sindhi/ Telugu/ Tamil/ Malayalam/ Nepali | Mode: Offline
24 February   Music Instrumental | Mode: Offline
25 February Maths | Mode: Offline
26 February   Commerce | Mode: Offline
26 February Sewing | Mode: Offline
27 February   Agriculture | Mode: Offline
27 February   Social Science | Mode: Offline
28 February   Sanskrit | Mode: Offline
29 February Science | Mode: Offline
02 March   Drawing/Ranjan Arts | Mode: Offline
02 March   Computer | Mode: Offline
03 March   Human Science/Physiology | Mode: Offline

# Conditions for Eligibility for UP Board

There is also an eligibility criteria for the students that they need to fulfill for UP Board and they should make sure that they complete all the requirements. It is important that the candidate should have completed his 9th class with the optimum level of attendance and the school should be coming under the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP).

Candidates should be careful in filling out the UP board 10th Application Form for class 10th as the students should only provide the correct details only.

Payment of fees is also required to be done successfully by the students so that their application can be termed as completed and the student can sit for the UP Board Class 10th Exams. The candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria will only be able to give the exam. 

# Application Procedure for UP Board

The candidates can apply for 10th class UP Board exams in the online and through the offline mode also. On the official website of the board, the students can apply for the examination easily.

The Internet has made the form filling easy as compared to the offline process because the students can fill out the form at the comfort of their homes or their mobile devices with an active internet connection.

The payment of the application form needs to be done along with the form filling and there are different modes of payment that are acceptable by the board.

Other than the online mode the students can fill through the offline mode by the school they are enrolled in and the fees is paid by bank challan. A late fee will also be imposed on the students if they fail to submit the fees by the due date.

# Syllabus for UP Board

The UP board syllabus is the blueprint of the topics that would be asked in the examination and the students are required to study according to it. It acts as a handout for the candidates to know what all they need to learn and they get the overview.

The full UP board 10th syllabus  is asked in the exam and the aspirants need to cover each topic effectively so that they can get high marks in each subject. Many students divide the syllabus accordingly so that they can cover every topic in accordance with the time that is left for the exam. 
The last-minute rush to complete the syllabus can be avoided if the students make sure that the complete the syllabus much before the exam allowing them to have time to revise it and practice the sample papers.

Students can download the syllabus from the official website or they can get from the school itself. To prepare for the board exam students require to strictly follow the syllabus as in the exam, the questions come from the topics mentioned in the syllabus.

One mistake which the students do is that they tend to leave a certain topic to study on the last day before the exam but they should not make this mistake. The candidates might forget the things they had already learned if they learn anything new on the last day.

The syllabus for Hindi for Class 10th is given below for the reference of the students.

UP Board 10th Exam Date sheet, Syllabus, Question Papers, Result, Exam Pattern
Syllabus for Social Science Subject is given below which the candidates can refer to for preparation.

Section  Unit Topics Marks
Historical and Cultural Heritage (20 marks) One
  • Ideological Revolution in the Modern World
  • Political Revolution
  • Development of Nationalism and World War
  • Modern India
  • Indian Independence Movement
  • Map Work
Civil Life (15 marks) One
  • Central and state government
  • Indian judicial system
  • Indian foreign policy
  • External and internal security of the country
Environmental Studies (20 marks) One
  • The physical environment of India
  • Physical resources and exploitation
  • Human resource
  • India moving towards a developed country
  • Map-work
Economic development (15 marks) One
  • Problems of the economy
  • Contribution of agriculture to the Indian economy
  • Contribution of industries in the Indian economy
  • The direction of economic development
  • Foreign trade
Project work -- -- 15
Internal monthly test -- -- 15

Syllabus for Class 10th English is given below and along with the topics, the marks of each topic are 

Units Topics Marks
  • The Fountain by- James Russell Lowell
  • The Psalm of Life by- H. W. Longfellow
  • The Village song by- Sarojini Naidu
  • The Nation Builders by- R. W. Emerson
  • The Enchanted Pool. by- C. Rajgopalachari.
  • A Letter to God. by- G. L. Fuents.
  • The Ganga. by- P. J. L. Nehru.
  • Socrates. by- Rhoda Power.
  • Torch Bearers. by- W. M. Ryburn.
  • Our Indian Music (Stories and Anecdote) by- Srinivasan.
Supplementary Reader
  • The Inventor Who Kept His Promise
  • The Judgment Seat of Vikramaditya by- Sister Nivedita (Adapted)
  • The Greatest Olympic Prize by- Jesse Owens
English Grammar
  • Parts of Sentence
  • The Sentence Type
  • The verb (Transitive Verb and Intransitive Verb) 
  • Primary auxiliaries. (Be, Have, Do)
  • Modal auxiliaries.
  • Negative Sentences.
  • Interrogative Sentence. 
  • Tense: Form and Use.
  • The Passive Voice.
  • The Parts of Speech.
  • Indirect or Reported Speech.
  • Word Formation.
  • Punctuation and Spelling
  • (From Hindi to English)
4 marks
Composition -- 6 marks
Below mentioned is the syllabus for home science subject for UP Board Class 10th.
Unit Topics Marks
House management
  • The performance of the budget by the teacher every year.
  • Through income-expenditure and savings, post office and bank.
  • Home cleaning and decoration.
  • Simple calculations on home mathematical-decimal, adding, subtracting, multiplication and division (percent of rupees, money, kilogram, gram, meter, centimeter), profit loss and simple interest.
Health care
  • Water, Water Source and Use
  • Purifying water from domestic methods
  • Diseases out of impure water
  • Its impact on the environment and public life 
  • Due to some common diseases and their prevention, smallpox, small mammals, measles, diphtheria, pimples, tetanus, tuberculosis, premature fever, peaches, diarrhea, cholera and toxic food (food poisoning).
Textile and cotton science
  • According to the sewing kit-baby frac or kurta, pajama or petticoat achievement (hand stitching or stitching of machine)
  • Washing and maintaining clothing, methods of washing and cleaning.
Food and nutrition science
  • Kitchen arrangement, supervision, and cleaning.
    Considering the methods of cooking and serving food, the safety of the elements.
  • Diseases of the patients of the following diseases, food during the period of disease and food for health benefits, severe fever and chronic fever, diarrhea, patches, gastritis, premature fever, malaria, tuberculosis, lunacy.
First aid and home care
  • Human Bone Institutions and Treaties
  • Bone breaks and sprains
  • Early knowledge of the respiratory system
  • Natural and artificial respiratory function.
  • The injured transfer by hand posture.
  • Sponge the patient, take hot bake, use ice cap
  • Making a chart of pulse, breath speed, and heat.
Experimental and internal assessment -- 30

The below mentioned is the syllabus for maths which the candidates of class 10th UP board aspirants can refer to.

Unit Topics Marks
Number system
  • Euclid Partition Theorem, the theorem of the mirrored theorem - Examples of √2, √3, √5 including verification of irrational numbers, representation in the terms of the triangular numbers of continuous/non-recurring decimals.
  • Zodiac of the polynomial Relation between the coefficients and zeros of quadratic polynomials. Statement of Partition Algorithm for Multipad with Real Coefficients and General Questions on it.
  • Linear Equation Combinations of Two Variables
  • Linear Equation Combination in two variables and Linear Combinations Solved by graphical method. Algebraic method of solving a linear equation pair.
  • Replacement Method
  • Extinction Method
  • Vigilantation Method
  • The equation that can be changed in the pair of linear equations of two variables.
Coordinate geometry
  • The concept of coordinate geometry, the graph of linear equations
  • Extracts formula
  • Division formula (internal division)
  • Area of triangle
  • Triangle
  • Circle - Tangent to the circle, touchpoint
  • Compositions
  • Introduction to trigonometry
  • Trigonometric universality
  • Height and distance
  • Circular area
  • Dorsal Area and Volume
Statistics and probability
  • Statistical Probability
Experimental and internal assessment -- 30

The students can find below the syllabus for the science subject for class 10th UP Board.

Unit Topics Marks
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
Impact of electricity and electricity
  • Electricity
  • Magnetic effect of the power station
Chemical Substances - Nature and Behavior
  • Acids, Alkalis, and Salts
  • Metals and non-metals
  • Classification of element
Organic Chemistry
  • Connectivity of carbon - Characteristics of carbon
  • Ability to make carbon compounds
  • Organic compounds
  • Functional groups (OH-CHO-COOH> CO) homogeneous range, named IUPA
Bio World
  • The structure of the human body
  • Life processes
  • Regulation and coordination in plants and animals
  • Tobacco Alcohol and Drugs
Genetics and Bio development
  • Principles of Heredity
  • Human genetics
  • Origin of life and use of Miller
Experimental and internal assessment -- 30

The computer is also an important subject which compromises of various topics that the student has to prepare for Class 10th Board exams.

Unit Topics Marks
Computer and communication
  • Primary communication model (center, receiver, media, and protocol)
  • Types of communication
  • Communications Media, (Wire, Wireless)
  • Simples & Full Duplex
  • Network-LAN and vans
  • Internet
Linux operating system
  • Advance Faxes / FEATURES
  • Command Line Interface & Graphic Uses Interface
  • File search, text search
  • Messaging Over LAN (LAN)
  • Text processing command (cat, grape, etc.)
  • Viii text editor
  • Introduction to Linux Desktop
  • Security arrangements and their nature in Linux
Binary Semantic and Logic Gates
  • Kits, nibbles, bytes, word length, career representations
  • ASCII Character Codes
  • Simple Binary Arithmetic (Addition, Subtract, Multiply, Partition)
  • Computer Logic, Boolean Operations
    Logical operators (NOT, AND, OR, NOR, NAND, and its Truth table)
Advanced programming in C
  • Subscript variables (ARRAYS)
  • Introduction
  • Single and Double Subscripted Variables
  • Searching and Surveying
Arrays and String
  • Faxes and subroutines
  • Library Functions
  • String Manipulation
  • String functions (Instructions for the mutual conversion of numbers and strings)
  • Concatenation (adding desired letters to any word)
File Operations
  • Using Sequential Files
  • Using Random Files
Experimental and internal assessment -- 30

# Preparation Plan and Tips For UP Board

The preparation plan is very important for the students because they are the certain UP board 10th Preparation Tips which enable them to get the best preparation for the exams. Studying on a daily basis will make them stick to a routine.

Scoring well in the UP board is not an easy task and it requires quite a good preparation so that the students can get the desired percentage. Every candidate wants to get a high percentage in class 10th exams just so that they can choose the stream of their choice.

Revision is an important aspect of the preparation journey of a student and they should certainly not miss this. The first priority of a student should be that he should complete the syllabus and complete every topic as nothing should be left for the last day to be learned. Drafting a time table helps the student a lot in preparing for the exams in a planned way.

When the whole exam schedule has been set first then all the students have to do is follow it and reach their goal. Following any plan set is the most difficult part as many students lack the quality of implementing the strategies that they have set for themselves. Planning is the only way through which an individual can reach their dreams and they should never run away from working towards that direction.

Candidates should not take extra burden of exams over them as by taking stress their concentration would deter. It has also been observed that if the students study with their friends then they have their interest maintained in the subject and they can study for long hours with them.

The teachers always advise the teachers that the student should complete the topic which they find as the most difficult one because when they will complete the difficult chapter then their preparation will become easy.

Practicing a lot of questions related to the subject will make the concepts clear to them and the students have the topic fresh in their mind. Keeping the pencil box and other documents ready for the exam beforehand will make the students avoid a last-minute rush on the day of the exam. 

# Examination Pattern For UP Board

Understanding the UP board 10th Exam Pattern is very essential for the aspirants who are going to appear for the UP board class 10th examination. There are various benefits that students get when they get to know the exam pattern effectively.

The following is the modal paper of 2019 of class 10th of the maths subject, the students can refer to the modal paper to get an idea of the main question paper.
UP Board 10th Exam Date sheet, Syllabus, Question Papers, Result, Exam Pattern

The only method the students can get to know the exam pattern well is by practicing the mock test papers and sample papers for class 10th UP Board. The total marks of the 10th class board exam are 100 which is divided into two parts such as 70 marks for theory exam and 30 marks for practical and internal assessment.

There is a mixed type of questions that come in the 10th class UP board exam like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Very Short Answer, Short Answer, and Long Answer.

There are many elements that conspire the exam pattern such as the total topics, total number of questions, type of questions asked in the exam and the division of the marks. Many students are clueless on the day of the exam as they don't know what type of question paper will come because they have not practiced the mock test papers.

There are a total of 6 subjects that are asked in the exam which are Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Drawing and Home Science (only for girls). The candidates need to prepare for each of the subjects as for a high percentage of the aggregate of all the subjects would be taken out and even if in one subject the marks secured are less than the overall percentage would suffer.

The total time duration of the class 10th UP board exams is 3 hours and 15 minutes and the students should make sure that they complete the exam in that time frame or else they would not be provided with extra time to finish the exam.

Time management is what the students need to train themselves in and solving the questions fast would only come to the students if they practice solving the mock test papers in 3 hours duration. On the day of the exam, the students should spare some time to revise the answer sheet to rectify or analyze the mistakes they might have done. 

# Mock Test for UP Board

Practicing the mock tests must be the main priority of the candidates as they are easily available to the students. Mock tests are just like the main question paper that would come in the exam and the type of questions asked are also the same.

In this way, the candidates keep on practicing how they have to solve the full question paper that will have various questions from the syllabus. In the online and offline markets, the candidates can find the mock test papers and previous year question papers.

Every year the students are on the lookout for the best books of sample papers from which they can practice the paper and tally the answers also. Some students while evaluating give themselves marks so that they can judge their performance and can strive to perform better the next time.

The candidates should not miss practicing the question papers because it is an important step in the preparation strategy. If the students are lucky enough then the question might get repeated in the exam and that would be a brownie point for the student.

Solving the questions at a fast pace and developing an exam strategy will give ample time to finish the exam in time and also check the sheet once before submitting it.

# Admit Card for UP Board

The importance of admit cards cannot be denied because it is the sole document that is required on the day of the exam that verifies the identity of the student. The students should make sure that the details on the UP board 10th Admit Card should match their original details and they have the official stamp and signature on the admit card.

Students can find below image for how the admit card portal will look like when the students will open up the link for downloading the admit cards.

The release the admit card in the online mode and the students also can obtain the admit card from their respective schools. Every student should make sure that they keep their admit card with them when they are going to appear in an examination and they should not tamper the admit card in any way.

Candidates can download the admit card on the official website by entering their details. Many students laminate the admit card so that the document can be kept safe and it does not get destroyed. 
it is important that the students take out two-colored print outs of the admit card and keep both the copies on the test days. Till the examinations are going on the students should keep the admit card with them as it might get checked even during the commencement of an exam.

Any details which are wrongly mentioned in the admit card should get rectified as soon as possible or else it will become a big problem for the candidate. Students should keep checking the official website of the UP board to know the latest updates. 

# List of Exam Centers for UP Board

The students require to know the exam centers for class 10th UP board and they must adhere to the rules laid down by the exam center they fall under. State of Uttar Pradesh is quite vast and the cities which come in the list of exam centers is provided for the reference of the students.

There are over 40 centres in the state of Uttar Pradesh and there are numerous candidates that will be giving the board exams. While going to the exam centre on the test day the candidates should bring their admit card along with them and a valid government identification proof.

Without any of these identification documents the candidate would not be allowed to sit for the exam and all the hard work that he might have done for the exam would go in vain. The students should be very careful about the documents and the stationey which they have to carry to the examination centre on the test day. 

State City
Uttar Pradesh Agra
Gautam Budh Nagar
Muzaffar Nagar
Lakhimpur Kheri
Kanpur Nagar
Kanpur Dehat

# Result for UP Board

All the students wait eagerly for the UP Board and they all sit in anticipation about what the outcome would be. The students can view the UP board 10th result in both online and offline mode whichever is easily available for the students.

Candidates should remember that the passing percentage in the class 10th UP board exams is 33% and they must achieve this percentage of marks to clear the exams. As soon as the 10th result UP board gets released the students log on to the website to view their results to know how they have done in the board exams and where do they stand with the percentage achieved by them.

On the official website of the board the students will be able to view the UP board result 10th and it will only show after the students enter their correct credentials. All the students have to enter their roll number to see the result.

As the UP board matric result page opens up the students can clearly see their results and they should save their copy. Taking a printout of the result is very important for the students as they will be requiring it at various stages.

The UP board 10th result date is tentatively in the third week of April. There is also another way the students can view their results with the help of their mobile devices and that is by sending a text message to 56263 and they have to type UP10<space> seven digit roll number and by this way they will receive their UP board 10th result.

The following table shows the grading system for the theory exams that is followed by the UP Board to ascertain the marks secured by a candidate.

Grade Percentage of marks
A1 91 - 100
A2 81 - 90
B1 71 - 80
B2 61 - 70
C1 51 - 60
C2 41 - 50
D 33 - 40
E1 21 - 32
E2 Less than 21

The below table depicts the grade and the percentage of marks according to which the marks are assigned to the students for the practical examination conducted by the schools.

Grade Percentage of marks 
A 80 - 100
B 60 - 79
C 45 - 59
D 33 - 44
E less than 33

#Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I manage the stress encountered during board exams?
A: The students can practise yoga and meditation to keep stress at bay during the examination period.

Q: Are UP Board Class 10th exams important?
A: Yes, the 10th class board exams are very important for the students as they determine the study streams that the students will be choosing in the higher classes.

Q: What is the passing percentage in the 10th board exams?
A: The passing percentage which has been set by the board is 33% 

Q: Are practical exams important to give for class 10th?
A: The practical exams are equally important like the theory exams because it can make or break the percentage of a student.

Q: How to effectively understand the exam pattern for the board exams?
A: Practising a lot of sample papers and mock tests will really help the students to score well in the exams.

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UP Board 10th Exam Date sheet, Syllabus, Question Papers, Result, Exam Pattern
Get the latest updates and notifications for UP Board Class 10th exams. Stay informed about exam schedules, important announcements, and prepare effec
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