JEE is probably the hardest test to break. It is directed in two stages Main and Advanced. Getting ready for JEE 2023 Revision Notes? Stressed over quality investigation material? ClearExam gives important scholarly substance arranged by exceptionally experienced academicians for the JEE Main and Advanced applicants.

CLEAREXAM is consistently adamant to help the understudies in the most ideal manner conceivable. The understudies must have the ideal IIT JEE Revision Notes with solutions and study material. Study material assumes a fundamental part in boosting the arrangement of the understudies. Different understudies burn through a ton of time looking for the IIT JEE Revision Notes with solutions and study material, if you need to plan for JEE in the most ideal manner, at that point you can take the help of CLEAREXAM study material.

We put stock in defeating distance hindrances and giving quality training. ClearExam gives an advancement the best online examination material for JEE by the top resources of Kota. This downloadable free PDF of study material advantages competitors notwithstanding homeroom training. If you are focusing on IIT JEE 2023 Revision Notes it is proposed to check different points under Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

Understudies regularly face pressure when the assessments are practically around the bend. Besides, as the tests approach, it isn't the topic that you need however it is the last correction that would end up being of gigantic assistance. Modification isn't simply perusing the notes you made in class. Truth be told, correction ought to incorporate all the fundamental tips, be it hypothesis or practice that would help you in endeavoring inquiries easily.

It is regularly seen that understudies don't set up their update notes while experiencing the topic and accordingly while reexamining they will in general pass up different vital focuses. We, at ClearExam, comprehend the need and significance of amendment notes for understudies and consequently have thought of the comprehensive modification notes which have been set up by our master personnel involving ex-IITians, and these notes, without a doubt would end up being of enormous assistance. We present to you the amendment notes on Maths, Physics, and Chemistry which incorporate some reasonable rules to some valuable realities of tackling some regular issues.

Simply experience 4-5 correction notes for each day and we wager you'll wind up holding the greatest realities. Alongside the formulae and realities, we have likewise gathered some intuitive models and outlines which have been gotten from the earlier year papers of IIT JEE Revision Notes with solutions and other designing tests. We'll continue including more points in our everyday schedule and you are likewise allowed to share your proposals on the notes. You may likewise propose a specific theme on which you might want us to introduce the update notes.

A portion of the advantages of these elite correction notes include:

  • Prepared by skillful and adept personnel comprising of ex-IITians.
  • Based on the most recent schedule of IIT JEE and other designing tests.
  • Cover practically terrifically significant realities and formulae.
  • They have been introduced in the freshest and exact structure.
  • Easy to retain.
  • Supported with outlines from past year papers.
  • The arrangements are intricate and straightforward.
  • These notes can help in your very late readiness.
  • These notes can assist you in improving your scores!!

Preparing for JEE Mains 2023? Whether it's a test or a competitive exam, notes play an important role in every preparation! That's why ClearExam takes care of your IIT JEE Mains Preparation by offering Shorts notes for IIT JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Including Summary and Important formulae.

Here are the absolute best correction tips for JEE Main 2023 -

  • Set a Goal: Before beginning the update for the selection test, it is essential to set an objective first. You should sort out how long do you need for an update. As per specialists, 30 days amendment technique is generally valuable for understudies. To support understudies, ClearExam has thought of 30 days and 60 days plan for JEE
  • Focus on Most Important Topics: It is imperative to zero in on the most significant sections in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. As indicated by earlier year paper investigation, we have rattled off subject insightful significant points for JEE planning.
  • Prepare Short Notes: As inquiries in JEE Main are MCQ/objective-based, it is essential to make s short notes of significant subjects. This will assist you with the very late modification for the placement test. Likewise, your memory power for the themes will improve by making short notes. While getting ready for the short note, it is prudent to rattle off the significant formulae in all the subjects.
  • Study Important Formulae: It is imperative to examine significant formulae at the hour of correction. This will help you in settling the inquiries inside a brief timeframe in the test. As the vast majority of the inquiries in Physics/Mathematics will be equation-based, it is critical to keep in contact with the equivalent for a superior score in the test.
  • Study NCERT Textbook: Instead of depending on different private examination materials for JEE Main planning, it is critical to consider NCERT course readings. Note down the significant focuses from every subject for a minute ago reference. Reading material examination assumes an imperative function in accomplishing 85+ percentile in JEE Main test.
  • Check Difficulty Level of Past Exam: You should check the trouble level of the past JEE Main test so you can appraise the trouble level of the forthcoming test. This will assist you in arranging the correction as needs are. Through this, you can organize the main points and the least significant subjects. You can tap on the connection underneath for additional subtleties.
  • Practice Old Question Papers/Practice Papers: Your correction for JEE Main test will improve simply by rehearsing old papers/practice question papers. As and when you practice a paper, sort out the inquiries for which you have checked wrong answers and take a stab at tackling them. This will help you in improving memory power for ideas and formulae
  • Listen to ClearExam Video Lectures: ClearExam is where you can get to the video addresses for JEE Main test. Top educators of different IITs have simply clarified ideas of placement tests.
  • Be Confident: The last tip we can give you is to remain certain. Be positive. Nothing is incomprehensible with difficult work. In this way, you can accomplish a decent score in JEE Main with difficult work and devotion. ClearExam has a wide range of test materials for JEE arrangement and we trust that these will help you in getting ready for the test successfully.

Notes of various subjects



Designing wannabes can allude the JEE Main 2023 Physics Syllabus to know the themes that must be concentrated to break the selection test for admissions to the 31 NITs, 23 IIITs, and 23 GFTIs. The schedule is determined by the National Testing Agency (NTA) which is presently the leading body for the JEE Main. The JEE Main Physics schedule is ordered into two segments with Section A comprising of hypothesis having 80% weightage, while segment B incorporates the useful part (Experimental Skills) having 20% weightage. The JEE Main schedule for











Physics and Measurement 

Physics, innovation and society, SI units, Fundamental and inferred units. Least check, exactness and accuracy of estimating instruments, Errors in the estimation, Dimensions of Physical amounts, dimensional examination and its applications,



Frame of reference. Movement in an orderly fashion: Position-time chart, speed, and speed. Uniform and non-uniform movement, normal speed and immediate speed Uniformly quickened movement, speed time, position-time charts, relations for consistently quickened movement. Scalars and Vectors, Vector expansion and Subtraction, Zero Vector, Scalar, and Vector items, Unit Vector, Resolution of a Vector. Relative Velocity, Motion in a plane. Shot Motion, Uniform Circular Motion.


Laws of Motion

Force and Inertia, Newton's First Law of movement; Momentum, Newton's Second Law of movement; Impulse; Newton's Third Law of movement. Law of protection of straight energy and its applications, Equilibrium of simultaneous powers.Static and Kinetic contact, laws of erosion, moving to grind.Elements of uniform round movement: Centripetal power and its applications,



Work, Energy and Power  

Work done by a consistent power and a variable power; active and expected energies, work-energy hypothesis, power.Possible energy of a spring, protection of mechanical energy, traditionalist and non-moderate powers; Elastic and inelastic impacts in one and two measurements.


Rotational Motion 


Centre of mass of a two-molecule framework, Center of the mass of an inflexible body; Basic ideas of rotational movement; a snapshot of power, force, precise energy, preservation of rakish force and its applications; a snapshot of inactivity, range of gyration. Estimations of snapshots of inactivity for straightforward mathematical articles, equal and opposite tomahawks hypotheses, and their applications. Inflexible body revolution, conditions of rotational movement



The general law of attractive energy. Quickening because of gravity and its variety with height and profundity, Kepler's laws of planetary movement. Gravitational likely energy; gravitational potential. Getaway speed. The orbital speed of a satellite. Geo-fixed satellites.


Properties of Solids and Liquids   

Elastic conduct, Stress-strain relationship, Hooke's Law, Young's modulus, mass modulus, modulus of unbending nature. Weight because of a liquid segment; Pascal's law and its applications. Thickness, Stokes' law, maximum speed, smooth out and violent stream, Reynolds number. Bernoulli's rule and its applications. Surface energy and surface pressure, point of contact, use of surface strain - drops, air pockets, and narrow ascent. Warmth, temperature, warm extension; explicit warmth limit, calorimetry; change of state, inactive warmth. Warmth move conduction, convection, and radiation, Newton's law of cooling.



Thermal balance, zeroth law of thermodynamics, the idea of temperature. Warmth, work, and interior energy. The first law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics: reversible and irreversible cycles. Carnot motor and its effectiveness.


 Kinetic Theory of Gases       Equation of the condition of an ideal gas, work done on packing a gas. The active hypothesis of gases-suspicions, the idea of weight. Active energy and temperature: rms speed of gas atoms; Degrees of opportunity, Law of equipartition of energy, applications to explicit warmth limits of gases; Mean freeway, Avogadro's number


 Oscillations and Waves  Periodic movement - period, recurrence, removal as a component of time. Intermittent capacities. Basic symphonious movement (S.H.M.) and its condition; stage; motions of a spring - reestablishing power and power steady; energy in S.H.M. - active and likely energies; Simple pendulum - inference of articulation for its time-frame; Free, constrained and damped motions, reverberation.Wave movement. Longitudinal and cross over waves, speed of a wave. Relocation connection for a reformist wave. Standard of superposition of waves, the impression of waves, Standing waves in strings and organ pipes, basic mode and music, Beats, Doppler impact in sound



 Electric charges, Conservation of charge, Coulomb's law-powers between two-point charges, powers between numerous charges; superposition rule and constant charge appropriation.

Electric field: Electric field because of a point charge, Electric field lines, Electric dipole, Electric field because of a dipole, Torque on a dipole in a uniform electric field.Electric transition, Gauss’s law, and its applications to discover field because of endlessly long consistently charged straight wire, consistently charged boundless plane sheet and consistently charged slight round shell. Electric potential and its computation for a point charge, electric dipole and arrangement of charges; Equipotential surfaces, Electrical likely energy of an arrangement of two point charges in an electrostatic field.Channels and covers, Dielectrics and electric polarization, capacitor, blend of capacitors in the arrangement and in equal, the capacitance of an equal plate capacitor with and without dielectric medium between the plates, Energy put away in a capacitor.


 Current Electricity    Electric flow, Drift speed, Ohm's law, Electrical obstruction, Resistances of various materials, V-I qualities of Ohmic and non-ohmic conduits, Electrical energy and force, Electrical resistivity, Color code for resistors; Series and equal mixes of resistors; Temperature reliance of opposition.Electric Cell and its Internal opposition, possible distinction and emf of a cell, blend of cells in the arrangement and in equal. Kirchhoffs laws and their applications. Wheatstone connect, Meter connect. Potentiometer - rule and its applications.


 Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism Biot   Savart law and its application to current conveying roundabout circle. Ampere's law and its applications to limitlessly long current conveying straight wire and solenoid. Power on a moving charge in uniform attractive and electric fields. Cyclotron.Power on a current-conveying conductor in a uniform attractive field. The power between two equal current-conveying conductors-meaning of an ampere, Torque experienced by a current circle in the uniform attractive field; Moving loop galvanometer, its present affectability, and transformation to ammeter and voltmeter.The current circle is an attractive dipole and its attractive dipole second. Bar magnet as an equal solenoid, attractive field lines; Earth's attractive field and attractive components. Para-, dia-and Ferro-attractive substances.Attractive powerlessness and penetrability, Hysteresis, Electromagnets, and perpetual magnets.


 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents Electromagnetic enlistment  Faraday's law, actuated emf and current; Lenz's Law, Eddy flows. Self and shared inductance. Rotating flows, top and rms benefit of substituting current/voltage; reactance and impedance; LCR arrangement circuit, reverberation; Quality factor, power in AC circuits, wattles current. AC generator and transformer.


 Electromagnetic Waves  Electromagnetic waves and their qualities. Cross over nature of electromagnetic waves.Electromagnetic range (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, noticeable, bright, X-beams, gamma beams). Utilizations of e.m. waves.


 Optics Reflection and refraction   

Optics Reflection and refraction of light at plane and circular surfaces, reflect equation, Total inward reflection, and its applications, Deviation and Dispersion of light by a crystal, Lens Formula, Magnification, Power of a Lens, Combination of slight focal points in contact, Microscope and Astronomical Telescope (reflecting and refracting) and their amplifying powers.

 Wave optics: wavefront and Huygens' rule, Laws of reflection and refraction utilizing Huygen's standard. Obstruction, Young's twofold cut analysis and articulation for periphery width, cognizant sources, and supported impedance of light. Diffraction because of a solitary cut, width of focal most extreme. Settling intensity of magnifying lens and galactic telescopes, Polarization, plane spellbound light; Brewster's law, employments of plane enraptured light and Polaroids.


 Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation   Dual nature of radiation. Photoelectric impact, Hertz and Lenard's perceptions; Einstein's photoelectric condition; molecule nature of light. Matter waves-wave nature of the molecule, de Broglie connection. Davis child Germer test.


 Atoms and Nuclei     Alpha-molecule dissipating test; Rutherford's model of iota; Bohr model, energy levels, hydrogen range. Synthesis and size of the core, nuclear masses, isotopes, isobars; isotones. Radioactivity-alpha, beta, and gamma particles/beams and their properties; radioactive rot law. Mass-energy connection, mass imperfection; restricting energy per nucleon and its variety with mass number, atomic splitting, and combination


 Electronic Devices    

Semiconductors; semiconductor diode: I-V qualities in forward and invert inclination; diode as a rectifier; 1-V attributes of LED, photodiode, sun-based cell, and Zener diode; Zener diode as a voltage controller. Intersection semiconductor, semiconductor activity, qualities of a semiconductor; semiconductor as an intensifier (normal producer arrangement) and oscillator. Rationale doors (OR, AND, NOT, NAND, and NOR). A semiconductor as a switch.


 Communication Systems  

Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the environment; Sky and space wave engendering, Need for adjustment, Amplitude and Frequency Modulation, Bandwidth of signs, Bandwidth of Transmission medium, Basic Elements of a Communication System (Block Diagram as it were).




Material science contains the points both from class 10 and 12 schedules in the proportion as coordinated by the test leading position, NTA (National Testing Agency).


  • Physical
  • Mole Concept
  • Strong State
  • Genuine gas
  • Electrochemistry
  • Compound balance
  • Thermodynamics + Thermochemistry
  • Nuclear structure
  • Inorganic
  • Compound holding
  • P block
  • Coordination compound
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Metallurgy
  • Natural
  • GOC-1
  • GOC-2
  • Mathematical Isomerism
  • Optical Isomerism



    1          Complex Numbers Notes

    2          Quadratic Equations and Polynomial

    3          Matrices and Determinants Notes

    4          Permutations and Combinations Notes

    5          Mathematical Reasoning and Statistics

    6          Probability Notes

    7          Binomial Theorem Notes

    8          Sequences and Series Notes

    9          Sets Relations and Functions Notes

    10        Limit and Differentiation Notes

    11        Continuity and Differentiability Notes

    12        Tangent and Normal Notes

    13        Increasing Decreasing Functions and Local Maxima and Minima

    14        Indefinite Integration Notes

    15        Definite Integral Notes

    16        Differential Equations Notes

    17        Points and Straight Lines Notes

    18        Circle Notes

    19        Parabola Notes

    20        Ellipse Notes

    21        3D Geometry Notes

    22        Vectors Notes

    23        Trigonometric Ratios and Equations Notes

    24        Solution of Triangles Notes

    25        Hyperbola Notes

    IIT being a difficult one to figure out, it requires at least 2 years of arduous arrangement to have the option to break it. CLEAREXAM gives IIT JEE notes or study material for IIT JEE, from where the understudies can make their update notes. Nonetheless, the correction notes so gave by CLEAREXAM are organized in a way that they can be straightforwardly utilized for modification purposes. The investigation material for IIT JEE involves study notes, formulae sheets for various subjects, memory helpers, and other learning apparatuses which will make the maintenance of the ideas feasible for quite a while. Subsequently, the understudies who are eager to pro the IIT JEE should unquestionably get their hands on our exam material.

    Which notes are better?

    The independent notes are the best. This is because when the notes are being composed by the understudies themselves, they would have done their first correction without even a second's pause in particular. Likewise, it has been deductively demonstrated that when one peruses anything written in their penmanship, at that point the understudy holds it for an any longer time. The understudies can without much of a stretch casing their tips and deceives while making transcribed notes.

    During the week before the assessment day, the understudies will experience difficulty in their appearances whenever manually written notes are not made. On outlining transcribed notes, the understudies can without much of a stretch experience them before the test. Yet, without legitimate transcribed notes, the understudies should filter every one of their reading material again for significant focuses. Thus it is exhorted that an understudy ought to consistently have independent notes prepared.

    Significant hints which can be utilized to make JEE update notes

    Making notes is significant as you can't peruse the entire JEE books over the most recent couple of days of the assessment. Attempt to peruse your notes on whatever number of occasions as could be expected under the circumstances. Try not to make nitty-gritty notes as opposed to doing so attempt to add memory maps in your notes as they are straightforward

    Up-and-comers can likewise add a few inquiries to their notes. Never duplicate glue the things from the reference books and attempt to compose all alone. Spotlight more on understanding the ideas and afterward make notes based on their arrangement.

    Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the test arrangements have been finished on the web. It is extremely important to get some time to oneself and to rejuvenate.

    All the best for JEE, aspirants!

    Below are the IIT JEE study notes of the subjects which come in JEE.

     IIT-JEE Physics Study Notes

     IIT-JEE Chemistry Study Notes

     IIT-JEE Mathematics Study Notes

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