Class XII UP Board

There are a lot of inhibitions that the students have about the board exams as it is very important that the students perform their best in them. Candidates should not leave any stone unturned when they are preparing for the board exams. 
The Class XII UP Board exams are conducted by Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP). The students who want to give the UP Board Class XII exams are required to complete the application process. 
The Class XII board exams are the first stepping stones that the students take for their future and they must make corrective decisions. Many times the students are told that they have to out-perform their peers in board exams but it would be better for the students if they focus on their preparation and how they can attain the highest marks. 
During exams if a student works more on his weakness then the performance level of that candidate will surely go up. Admission into the colleges is quite a tough task nowadays because the cut off list that each college rolls out is quite high and the majority of the students are not able to attain those marks. 
University grants the admission into undergraduate courses on the basis of the marks obtained in Class XII and for some courses along with the marks the ranks which is attained in the entrance exams is taken into consideration. Every year there are thousands of students that give the Class XII UP Board exams with full aspiration to ace the examinations. 
Board exams are quite tough and the whole syllabus is covered in the exam for which the students are required to prepare judiciously. There are a lot of options that become open for the students to choose from and they can now follow their inner calling to work on the path that they have always longed for. 
Healthy competition is promoted in the students during the board exams so that they strive to give their best.

Important Points For Class XII UP Board

The students who are set to appear for the Class XII UP Board have fostered a debate on what are the important points that are required to keep in mind by the students. The time table for the board exams was released by the board in July 2019 itself so that the students are made aware well in advance about the schedule of the exams. 
On the official website of the board all the relevant details regarding the examination are posted and the students must make sure that they check the website in regular intervals for further updates. The Class XII UP Board exams will be conducted from February 18 to March 6, and the examination will be conducted in two slots. 

The timings of the morning slot are from 8 am to 11:15 am and the next slot will be conducted from 2pm to 5pm. The syllabus that will be coming in the board exams is available on the official website for the reference of the students. 

Declaration of the UP Board 12th Result will be done in April and the results would get published on the official website itself

Full Exam Name
Uttar Pradesh Board 12th Examination
Short Exam Name
UP Board 12th
Conducting Body
Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh
Frequency of Conduct
Once a year
Exam Level
English, Hindi +2 More
Mode of Application
Mode of Exam
Exam Duration
3 Hours

List of Important Dates For Class XII UP Boards

Given below is the list of important dates which the UP Board aspirants can refer to. The time table of the exam is very important for the students because they then come to know the starting and end date of the exams. 
When the students set the goal of attaining high marks in the board exams then they must draft the strategy for the same accordingly as without planning a goal is just a dream. It would be sensible for the students that they divide the syllabus in small sections and when they start working on each section they would be able to complete the syllabus more efficiently. 

The UP Board exams would get started in February and before that the practical exams would get finished. Candidates are required to score their best in the practicals and the theory exams because if even in one section the student does not attain high marks the overall percentage can go down. 

18 Feb,
Exam - Hindi, General Hindi | Mode: Offline
19 Feb,
Exam - Music Vocal, Music Instrumental, Dance, Agronomy | Mode: Offline
20 Feb,
Exam - Painting, Geography, Physics | Mode: Offline
22 Feb,
Exam - Military Science, Home Science | Mode: Offline
24 Feb,
Exam - Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Civics, Chemistry, Economics and commercial geography | Mode: Offline
25 Feb,
Exam - Banking, Banking and Confectionery, IT/ITSS, Computer, Agriculture Vegetation Sciences | Mode: Offline
26 Feb,
Exam - Pali, Arabi, Farsi, English | Mode: Offline
27 Feb,
Exam - Computer, Agriculture Vegetation Sciences, Banking Elements (For Commerce Section), Agricultural physics and climatology | Mode: Offline
28 Feb,
Exam - History | Mode: Offline
29 Feb,
Exam - Industrial Organization (for Commerce section), Biology, Maths | Mode: Offline
02 Mar,
Exam - Agricultural Math and preliminary statistics, Agricultural Chemistry, Psychology, Pedagogy | Mode: Offline
03 Mar,
Exam - Baking and Confectionary, Textile Design, Library Science, Computer Technique and Maintenance, Economics, Insurance theory and behavior (for Commerce) | Mode: Offline
04 Mar,
Exam - Sanskrit | Mode: Offline
05 Mar,
Exam - Maths and Preliminary Statistics, Baking and Confectionary, Textile Design, Library Science, Computer Technique and Maintenance, Sociology | Mode: Offline
06 Mar,
Exam - Human Sciences, Business Science, Typing Hindi and English, Colourful Photograph, Radio and Colorful Television | Mode: Offline

Eligibility For Class XII UP Boards

All the students who are set to appear for the class 12th board exams are required to adhere to the eligibility criteria that is set by the board. Preceding the board exams application the candidates should check the UP Board 12th Eligibility Criteria and they must fall into it so that they can give the board exams. 
Candidates who do not match the eligibility requirement will not be able to give Class XII UP Boards. The eligibility criteria states that the students must be registered and currently studying in Class XII of a school that comes under the UP Board. 
Attendance percentage of the student is also an important factor and the candidates must maintain it to the required level because the ones who fall short of attendance will not be able to give the exams. Clearance of dues must be done by the candidates and they must make sure that they keep a clear record with the school authorities. 
All the applications for Class XII UP Boards are to be submitted before the last date and the application fee must be paid with the form itself. Documents submitted with the form will be checked and if the documents are incorrect then the application would get cancelled.
The students who have filled the application form and submitted the correct documents will be given the UP Board 12th Admit Card by the board which the candidates are required to take it to the exam centre. 

Application Process for Class XII UP Boards

The application process is very simple and easy to follow for the students who are going to appear for the UP Boards. It is mandatory for the students that they have to submit the application form as without it any candidate would not be allowed to give the exams. 
The regular candidates UP Board 12th Application Form will be submitted by the school officials itself but the correct information is needed to be provided by them along with the fees. For the private students the UP Board Intermediate Application Form has to be filled by them itself and it has to be submitted in to the office of the board. 
The following table denotes the fees that have to be paid by the candidates and they must note that if the fees are not paid then the form would not be accepted. 
Examination fee
Agricultural (Part I and II) and occupational category
Agricultural (Part I and II) and occupational category
For the examination of a subject under the Intermediate Regulation

Syllabus For Class XII UP Board

The UP Board 12th Syllabus is one thing that the students who are appearing for the exams are required to refer to as without it they would not have any idea about what is to be studied for the exam. From the start of the academic year the students are provided with all the relevant details of the syllabus and the teachers start teaching the students from the first unit itself. 
The main goal of the candidate should be that he must complete the UP Board Syllabus of Class 12th as soon as possible because without it they would not be able to score a high percentage of marks. Buying all the relevant course books at the starting will help the students as they will have all the correct study materials with them. 
The assignments that the students get in school aid the students in understanding the chapter well and practise the questions simultaneously. 
Learning through setting the weekly goals will enhance the studying capacity of the students and they will be able to quickly complete the UP Board Intermediate Syllabus

Syllabus For English 

Marking Scheme
Short Stories
Figure of Speech
General English
Essay Writing
Unseen Passage
Syllabus For Hindi
Marking Scheme

Part I - 50 marks
Part II- 50 marks

Development of Prose
Poetry and Literature
Sanskrit literature
Sanskrit grammar
Sentence correction

Syllabus For Physics

Important Topics
Electric charge and electric field
Magnetic effect of electric current
Electric Potential
Electric capacitance
Electromagnetic induction
Electric conduction and Ohm’s Law
Alternating current
Electric measurement
Electromagnetic waves

Syllabus For Chemistry

Important Topics
Solid State
Chemical kinetics
Solutions and colligative properties
General principles and processes of isolation of elements
Chemical thermodynamics and energetic
p-Block elements
Coordination compounds
d and f Block Elements
derivatives of alkanes (and arenes)
Alcohols, phenols and ethers Alcohols
ketones and 163 carboxylic acids Aldehydes and ketones
Organic compounds containing nitrogen
Biomolecules Carbohydrates
Chemistry in everyday life

Syllabus for Biology

Important Topics
Genetics and Evolution
Reproduction in Humans
Biotechnology and its application
Biology and Human Welfare
Human Physiology
Reproductive health
Ecology and Environment

UP Board Syllabus of Class 12th Commerce

Important Topics
Functions and Relations
Linear Programming

UP Board Intermediate Preparation Tips 

There are numerous UP Board 12th Preparation Tips that the students follow for the exams but they are always looking out for the best ones that will enhance their preparation and bring out the best in them. Covering all the topics in the syllabus is very important for the students because if they don't do that then they will surely lose marks. 
The doubts that the students have in the syllabus must be solved before the exams or else the candidates will not be sure of their preparation. As soon as the candidates see the exam time table they should start making their own time table. 
When the students follow their own set time table then they would be able to achieve more in less time. Without proper planning the students only waste the time or do not study much as they should be studying.
Self evaluation is a very important virtue that the students must engage in and there are a lot of benefits to it. When the students get self aware about their strengths and weakness then they will be able to work on the part that is weak. 
Only through practise a certain concept can be retained in mind but if a student chooses not to do hard work then nothing can be done about the candidate. There is a lot of importance about the marks that the students achieve in the Class XII board exams as till the end of their career the marks would be asked and for admission into any higher education course these marks would be taken into consideration. 
Therefore the students should not take so much pressure on them but they must give their best to attain the highest marks that they can. Assessment of the study that the students are doing must be done at every level because then only they will be able to know where they stand. 
Giving marks when the mock tests are attempted will give major insights into what the current score of the student is and how much more is needed to achieve. 
Solving the previous year question papers are also very helpful for the students to understand the UP Board 12th Exam Pattern and what type of questions that will be coming in the test. 

Exam Pattern For UP Board Class XII

Candidates who are going to appear for the board exams often worry about their performance in the exams as it is very important that they score well. All eyes are there on the students about how they would be scoring in the exams right from the family to the friends. 
Exams are a very stressful time for the students as they have to beat the competition to emerge as a winner. Preparing well for the exams requires the practise of the mock tests which give the insights into the exam pattern of the test. 
The exam pattern is the blueprint of the question paper and it is important for the candidates to understand it. The theory exam will be conducted for 70 marks for the subjects which have a practical exam and for others it will be of 100 marks. 
The students are required to score 35% in each subject if they want to pass and if the candidates score less than 35% then they will have to give the compartment exams.On the day of the test the students should not be facing any surprises regarding the level of difficulty of the test or about how the exam pattern is that is the reason why mock tests are practised. 
There is no shortcut when it comes to success in the exams therefore the students will have to travel the hard road and work their way up to success. Managing time is a trait which will take a student way ahead than the others because the majority of the students don't know how they have to manage their time well. 

The time is less to complete the syllabus and the syllabus is also vast therefore the candidates should treat every hour as precious and use it judiciously. The analysis of the question paper of various subjects is given below for the reference of the students

Exam Pattern For Science
Question type
No.of questions
Total marks
Very Short
Short answer
Long answer
Exam Pattern For Maths
Question type
No.of questions
Total marks
Very Short
Short answer
Long answer
Very long answer

Mock Test For UP Board Class XII

Mock tests are an integral part for the preparation of the Class XII board exams. The teachers put a lot of stress upon the fact that the students must solve the highest number of mock tests that they can before appearing for the examination as they provide the best benefits to the students.

The UPMSP published the mock tests for the board exams that the candidates must follow. There are an abundance of sample papers that are available for the commerce, science and the humanities stream online. As the board exams are to be conducted from February to March therefore the candidates should at least start a month before to practise the mock tests. 
Solving each mock test helps the student to revise the whole syllabus and they can also make sure that they are scoring well in those exams or not. One strategy that the candidates can use is that they can prepare the topics according to the weightage it has been given in the exam as through this way the students will only focus on the main topics and they will spend less time on the less important topics. 
The skill of time management is learnt by the students when they practise the mock tests and the sample papers. If any student wants to download the mock test online then they should search for the same. 
Where the download link is provided the candidates should click on the link and the papers will get downloaded. The important things that the students must remember is the type and the number of questions that will be asked in each subject so that beforehand they can develop the strategy for the exams. 
Improving the speed of solving questions is the only way the candidates can solve the maximum number of questions in the time frame of the exam. The UP board exam of Class XII is conducted for 3 hours and it is required that the students answer all the questions in the given time. 
There is no negative marking for the questions but the students will lose marks for the questions that they don't attempt therefore the main aim of the students should be that they solve all the questions to gain high marks and answer them correctly. To ace the exams the practise of mock tests is really important. 
Exam Centres of UP Board Class XII
Uttar Pradesh
Gautam Budh Nagar
Muzaffar Nagar
Lakhimpur Kheri
Kanpur Nagar
Kanpur Dehat

Admit Card of UP Board Class XII

In board exams the UP Board Intermediate Admit Card is the most important document that is to be carried to the examination centre. Admit card is an identification proof given to the student by the school and board to confirm his identity to the invigilators and security of the exam centre. 
There were many instances in the past that some other student had given the test for a candidate by faking his identity therefore to make sure that such instances of cheating never happen, admit cards are issued to each student in which the personal details, school information, photograph of the student, signature of the student and the schools stamp is mentioned. 
To check the authenticity of the admit card the invigilator checks that the stamp of the board is there and the sign of the principal must also be there on the admit card. The above mentioned are the important details that should be present in the admit card or else it is of no use. 
When the students are given the admit card they should make sure that each and every detail mentioned should be correct. The UP Board will be releasing the admit card for the Class XII board exams on the official website and the private candidates can enter their login credentials to download the admit card.
The regular candidates can collect their admit cards from the exam centre. If there are any mistakes in the admit card then they must be informed to the school officials. There will be major consequences to be faced by any student who fails to show the admit card on the day of the test. 
Candidates would not be allowed to give the exam if they don't show the admit card even if they are the toppers because by rule only the students who have a valid admit card would be given entry to the exam hall. There are very strict rules that are followed during board exams and it will be beneficial for the students that they abide by all the laws if they want to give the exam smoothly. 
The opportunity of giving the exam will be taken away from the student who does not bring the admit card. It is mandatory for the students that they will have to carry the admit card and the school ID with them to the exam centre on each day of the exam. 

Result For UP Board Class XII

UP Board 12th Result are awaited by the students because they are the life changing results. Waiting for the exam results is very excruciating for the students because they have put their best efforts. 
Failure is what the students feel at the moment of results but they should keep faith in the hard work they have done that will reap them fruitful 12th Result UP Board. The tentative date on which the students will receive their results is in April and they can view the results on the official website. 
Checking the website regularly for the latest updates will notify the students when the UP Board Result 12th class will be out. The method through which the students can view the results is by going to the official website and clicking on the results link. 
When the page opens up the students have to enter their login details and then the results would be in front of them. Only through the result will the students come to know if they have qualified for the exam or not. 
It is very important that the students pass each exam of the various subjects as without it they would not be able to pass the Class XII. The compartment exams are conducted for the students who have not passed the exams and it is a do or die situation for them at that point therefore the students must do ample preparation for the exams so that they pass with flying colors. 
The UP Board Result Date Class 12 will be out by the board officials. The things that the students must check on the result card is that their roll number and all subjects marks are mentioned. There is no specific time that that is given to the students when the result will be released. 
That is why the students keep checking the result page the whole day to see if the UP Board Intermediate Result got released or not. The students must retain the soft copy of the result till the time the hard copy is not provided by official authority. 
Regular candidates will be given the result sheet by the school and the private students will be getting it from the board. The declaration of the result completely drains out the students but they are required to maintain their cool as worrying too much will not benefit them in any way. 
Taking the outcome in a positive way and then focusing on working on the best path. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I get the sample papers for practise?
A: The UP Board sample papers are published on the official website and the aspirants can refer to them for best exam preparation.
Q: How can I make my exam preparation better?
A: To make exam preparation better the students can practise the sample papers that will also make them understand about the exam pattern. 
Q: What is the time duration of the UP Board Class 12th exams?
A: The total duration of the exam is 3 hours and extra time would not be provided to any candidate to complete the exam.
Q: In which month will the board exams be conducted?
A: The board exams will be conducted in February.
Q: What are the things that are to be carried to the exam centre?
A: The admit card, school ID and the stationery items are required to be taken to the exam hall.
Q: From where can we get the hall ticket for the exams?
A: The candidates will be able to download the hall ticket from the official website of the board.
Q: Who will notify the exam centre for the board exams?
A: The school authorities will notify the students about the exam centre where the board exams would be conducted.

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