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National Eligibility Cum Entrance (UG) Test (NEET - 2024) is an entrance exam that will be conducted for admissions into the MBBS, BDS Courses and other undergraduate medical courses in the recognised and approved Medical, Pharma and Dental Institutes or universities or Colleges in India. Candidates can seek admissions into prestigious and renowned medical institutes or colleges like AIIMS, JIPMER, and others etc. Exam scores of NEET will be used for shortlisting and filtering out of a large pool of students or aspirants. The NEET exam is conducted every year in the month of September, followed by several rounds of counselling for eligible candidates. Candidates or aspirant eligibility to further rounds will be decided by the cut off marks and the number of students clearing it for different courses admissions. The All India Rank Merit List released after the exam will be the decisive factor for the candidate's or student's further eligibility in the admission process to the leading medical institutes.

This article has all the details and information regarding the NEET Previous Year Question Papers. NEET Previous Year Question Papers of past 7 years are provided below. Candidates or aspirants can download the NEET Previous Year Question Papers PDF from this page and utilize them in their preparation for the NEET exam. All the details about NEET Chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf can be found in this article. Download the NEET Past Papers PDFs of the last seven years - 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016. Older NEET papers can also be found in our website.

NEET is the main exam for Medical courses admissions in India. It is used by the MCI and the authorities for admissions into MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, and BSMS. So, attempting and scoring good scores for a higher rank is required to seek admission in one of the premier medical institutes of thee country. Over 15 lakh students take the exam, and this shows the heavy competition factor where every mark counts for several thousands of differences in ranks. Aspirants or candidates must utilize the NEET Past Papers PDFs provided in this page and make their preparation strategies in order to succeed in this highly competitive exam. Check this page further to get NEET previous year papers.

Contents of the page:

  • NEET MOCK tests by ClearExam
  • NEET Exam Pattern
  • Preparing effectively using NEET previous year papers PDF
  • Structure of NEET question paper
  • Reference Books for NEET preparation
  • NEET Exam Syllabus
  • NEET previous year papers V/S Sample Papers
  • Key Points about NEET Previous Year Question Papers
  • Tips to prepare for the exam using NEET Previous Year Question Papers
  • Preparation strategies using NEET Previous Year Question Papers
  • NEET Exam eligibility

It is known that there are three subjects in the National Eligibility Cum Entrance (NEET) Test. They are Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. NEET Chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf will let the students to understand the pattern of the questions. Solving these NEET previous papers will help the candidates to place their preparation strategies aligned to different chapters and topics accordingly as required. Absorbing the concepts and applying them in the Exam, especially in subjects like physics is very crucial. Download the NEET Previous Year Question PaperPDFs from below given links.

NEET MOCK tests by Clear Exam

Any competitive exam needs proper planning and preparation strategies. Mock test series is one of the many tools available for a student to make his preparation levels strong. NEET Previous Year Question Paper and the Mock test series should be practiced by the students and the aspirants of the NEET Exam. These previous papers can be printed from the online sources in the Clear Exam website and used for the preparation. The Mock test series for NEET can be accessed from the website of Clear Exam.

NEET Exam Pattern:

Students must be aware of the NEET exam pattern before downloading and using the NEET Previous Year Question Paper. NEET Previous year papers PDF help the students in understanding the pattern of the exam. Aspirants or candidates can also come to know the weightage of each topic from the NEET Chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf. The following table has the information regarding the NEET exam pattern. Candidates or aspirants are suggested to go through them and start practicing in their preparation for NEET exam accordingly.

Information / Details

Mode of the NEET exam

Offline or Pen and Paper Mode

Duration of the Exam

3 (three) Hours

The total number of Questions

180 Questions

Sections & Subjects

Biology – a total of 90 Questions

Physics – A total of 45 Questions

Chemistry – a total of 90 Questions

Marking Scheme of the exam

+4 mark for every correct answer each

-1 mark for every wrong answer each

0 mark for every unanswered or every non attempted question each

Total Marks or Maximum Marks

720 Marks in total

Total marks scored calculation or formula for total marks scored in NEET exam by an individual candidate

Total scored marks = (Number of correct answers * 4) – (Number of incorrect answered questions * 1)

Preparing effectively using NEET previous year papers PDF:

So, a student with NEET past papers can prepare for the exam by doing practice effectively and in a maximum benefit obtaining manner. NEET Previous year question papers can fine tune and sharpen the preparation levels in every candidate or aspirant. These NEET Chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf can be used in a most productive and effective way by the candidates or aspirants to get the best possible results. The following are some of the tips and methods to prepare effectively with practice and thorough reading for the highly competitive exam i.e., NEET:

  • Take more and more Mock tests or practice tests for NEET. This will help the candidate or aspirant to develop more of his attempting skills in the main NEET exam. NEET past papers can be used for the Mock exams. Also, it is important for candidates to take Mock exams or Mock tests in an environment similar to that of the actual Exam. Try to simulate the exam environment as much as you can for getting better results in the practice tests.
  • Practice to achieve optimum speed in solving each question, without loosing accuracy. Particularly numerical problems need to be solved in few seconds lesser than a minute in the actual test environment and this should be practiced thoroughly. All the problems that you will attempt need to be completed within the time limit of three hours. No question should be left out due to time constraints, as every mark counts at this level of competition. NEET Previous Year Question PapersPDF will help in solving more and more questions, giving you an edge in the practice stage. The key lies in solving the known questions quickly with as much lesser time as possible.
  • Understand and plan the attempting procedure in the main NEET exam during your preparation. NEET Previous Year Question Papers papers help in achieving the same. Find out which section is suitable to attempt first and last, with a clear order of them in your mind. One order of attempting will work for everyone. The exam attempting process must be practiced in such a way that you don’t take more than one minute to for each question. Practicing and implementing these strategies for every Practice test or Mock test of NEET during the preparation need to be followed on the actual exam day.
  • Practice marking answers in sample OMR sheets. Filling of answers in the OMR sheet, like bubbling the answer option circle completely and properly is very important as the all the OMR sheets are computer evaluated. Having enough time to bubble each question is also important. Not being able to fill or bubble the circles properly has led many candidates or aspirants to lose the marks in the previous years. So, along with practicing of NEET previous year papers, every aspirant needs to practice filling the OMR sheets as well.
  • Know your strength areas and weak areas. Once candidates or aspirants start solving and practicing the NEET Past Papers papers, it is important to analyze the results of each of them after each Mock. The analysis of several areas such as scored marks among all topics, negative marks among topics, and overall distribution of marks in each subject will help in knowing the strong and weak areas. Working on weak areas will give a boost to your score, and it only requires analyzing the scores and marks distribution after each and every practice mock test from the NEET previous papers.
  • Understand and analyze the weightage for each topic. Some topics from each subject have heavy weightage whereas some don’t have much weightage. So preparation can be accordingly done to weigh your focus on those topics which carry more weightage in the NEET exam. Having said this, it is important to note that there is a chance of change in question paper pattern by the authorities. Hence it is mandatory to stay updated of all the updates from the exam conducting authorities.

Structure of NEET question paper:

Understanding and getting complete awareness of the structure and model of the NEET exam is very much important. The actual NEET question paper structure can be known from the NEET previous paper. NEET Past Paperscan be downloaded and utilized for this purpose of getting used to the structure of NEET exam. So, candidates or aspirants need not wait till the actual or main NEET exam date to know about the paper. The structure of the NEET exam question paper is as follows described as per the NEET standards in the NEET previous Year Question Papers.

  • The NEET exam question paper has roughly 40 – 50 pages in total including all the contents of the test./li>
  • There will be three sections or subjects in the NEET exam question paper.
  • The three sections of the NEET exam are Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • Biology section has exactly 90 questions. There is negative marking in this section.
  • Physics section has exactly 45 questions. There is negative marking in this section.
  • Chemistry section has exactly 45 questions. There is negative marking in this section.
  • The first page of the question paper has all the instructions. Candidates or aspirants of NEET exam need to thoroughly read all the necessary and mandatory instructions in this page.
  • The first page also has the NEET Exam question paper code. This code is also called as the Test Booklet code and candidates need to refer to that key which is applicable to their respective code. This code of booklet in the NEET test can be seen on the top right corner of the NEET question paper.
  • The instructions on the first page will be provided both in Hindi and English languages. Each and every question in the question paper also will be given in both the English and Hindi languages.
  • The front page requires details to be filled by the candidates. The details required are Name of the Candidate (in capital letters or in Block letters), Roll Number or the Hall ticket number, Centre of the Examination (in capital letters or in Block letters), Candidates signature, and the invigilator’s signature.
  • Candidates must use only Blue or Black ball pen for writing details or any particulars on the question paper. Any rough work required shall be done by the students in the space provided in the question paper.
  • The next pages of the question paper have the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Options will be given for each question of which one is correct and needs to be bubbled in the OMR answer sheet.  
  • There is only one mode in which the NEET exam will be held by the NTA. It is in the pen and paper mode or the Offline mode.
  • Total questions are 180 in number and the total marks will be 720.
  • Languages in which the NEET exam is conducted are English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Odia, Kannada, Gujarati, Assamese, and Urdu. This is to enable students from all vernacular background stand on an equal ground while attempting the NEET exam. In total NEET exam question paper is provided in 11 Indian languages.
  • The OMR answer sheet or the question paper cannot be written on with any pen or pencil other than those spaces that the candidates are allowed to. Particularly the OMR answer sheet cannot be wrinkled or folded and special care needs to be taken for the same by the candidate.

Reference Books for NEET preparation:

Any competition exam needs candidates to be thorough with all the topics in the syllabus for the exam. Similarly, for NEET exam, every candidate or aspirant needs to follow proper content while preparing for the NEET exam. NEET Past Papers papers are a major tool in this preparation. Especially NEET chapter wise question papers will serve well in the initial stages of the preparation. For this purpose, the NEET Chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf are provided in this website itself. From this page candidates can download the NEET Previous Question Papers up to seven years i.e., till the year 2013 from the year 2020. Besides the NEET Previous year question papers, proper reference books are also important. Selecting a good book from the market with a plethora of books from number of publishers might be difficult. So, we are providing you with a list of some books that you might find a lot helpful in the NEET exam preparation. The following is the list the same:

  • NCERT Class 11 text books
  • NCERT Class 12 text books
  • 12 Years Solved Papers CBSE AIPMT & NEET 2020
  • Super 10 Mock tests for NTA NEET 2021
  • Oswaal NEET Question Bank Chapter wise & Topic wise Biology Book + Physics Book
  • Oswaal NEET Question Bank Chapter wise & Topic wise Biology Book + Chemistry Book

Books for Physics Section or Subject:

  • Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma, Bharati Bhawan Publishers & Distributors
  • NCERT Physics Class XI & Class XII by NCERT Publications
  • Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov, by Arihant Publishers
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker, by Wiley Publishers
  • Fundamental Physics by K. L. Gogia and K. L. Gomber, by Pradeep Publications
  • Objective Physics by DC Pandey, Arihant Publishers

Books for Chemistry Section or Subject:

  • NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XI and XII, by NCERT Publications
  • Physical Chemistry by O. P. Tandon and A. S. Singh, G. R. Bathla & Sons Publishers
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee, Oxford University Press Publication.
  • ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Dr. S. P. Jauhar, Modern Publishers
  • Practice book by VK Jaiswal, Inorganic Chemistry, Shri Balaji Publication
  • Practice book by MS Chauhan, Organic Chemistry, Shri Balaji Publication
  • Practice book by N Awasthi, Physical Chemistry, Shri Balaji Publication
  • Complete NEET guide Chemistry by Dinesh Publishers

Books for Biology Section or Subject:

  • NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII, by NCERT Publishers
  • Elementary Biology Volume – I by K. N. Bhatia and M. P. Tyagi, Trueman Publishers
  • Elementary Biology Volume – II by K. N. Bhatia and M. P. Tyagi, Trueman Publishers
  • Objective Biology for NEET and all other examinations by K. N. Bhatia, S. Dinesh & Co. Publication
  • Botany Booster for NEET and All other Medical Entrance Examinations by S. Ansari, Balaji Publishers.
  • Guide on Biology for NEET by Pradeep Publishers
  • Biology for NEET by G. R. Bathla Publications

Candidates can refer to any of the above listed books or any other book suitable for NEET Physics, Chemistry or Biology syllabus. NEET is one of the highly competitive examinations in the country, where lakhs of students compete for a few thousand number of seats in the top medical institutes. Candidates can come to an understanding of their strength areas and weak areas by referring to these books and practicing NEET previous year papers. Also practicing the objective type questions from the above practice books will increase the preparation levels and give candidates confidence. NCERT books will give students the best conceptual and basic knowledge required to ace the NEET exam, which can be increased by practicing the NEET Past Papers papers. The key difference between a top scorer and other candidate is the level of preparation using the best sources like reference books and more practice through the NEET previous papers.

Candidates can also refer to the previous year’s toppers in NEET exam or teachers and tutors for best suitable books for each subject and topics. Candidates can read and listen to top rankers interviews and know which books they had referred from. Top rankers from previous years would also give some tips which can be of great help to any candidate aspiring to score higher in the NEET exam.  

NEET Exam Syllabus:

S. No.
Subject or Section
Syllabus or Topics included

0 1


01) Class 11 Physics topics and concepts covered:

·      Physical World, Units and Measurements

·      Kinematics

·      Laws of Motion

·      Work Energy & Power

·      Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Bodies

·      Gravitation

·      Properties of Bulk Matter

·      Thermodynamics

·      Behavior of a Perfect gas and the Kinetic theory of Gases

·      Oscillations theory and Waves theory


02) Class 12 Physics topics and concepts covered:

·      Electro – Statics

·      Current Electricity

·      Magnetic Effects of Current, and Magnetism

·      Electromagnetic Induction, And Alternating Current (A. C. Current)

·      Electromagnetic Waves

·      Optics

·      Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

·      Atoms and Nuclei

·      Electronic Devices


0 2


01) Class 11 Chemistry topics and concepts covered:

·      Basic Concepts of Chemistry

·      Atomic Structure and theory

·      Classification of Elements and periodicity in Properties

·      Chemical Bonding

·      Molecular Structure

·      Different States of Matter – Solids, Liquids, and Gases

·      Thermodynamics and Equilibrium

·      Hydrogen

·      Reduction and Oxidation principles, Redox Reactions

·      Alkali Elements and Alkaline Earth Metals, Properties, S-Block Elements

·      p - Block Elements, some only

·      Organic Chemistry – Principles and Techniques (Basics)

·      Hydrocarbon Compounds and their properties

·      Environmental Chemistry


02) Class 12 Chemistry topics and concepts covered:

·      Solid State

·      Solutions

·      Electrochemistry

·      Chemical Kinetics

·      Surface Chemistry

·      p – Block Elements

·      d – Block Elements

·      f – Block Elements

·      Coordination Compounds

·      Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

·      Alcohols Compounds, Phenols Compounds and Ether compounds

·      Aldehyde Compounds, Ketones Compounds, ad Carboxylic Acids

·      Organic Compounds with Nitrogen

·      Bio – Molecules

·      Polymers and their Uses

·      Chemistry in everyday life


0 3


01) Class 12 Biology topics and concepts covered:

·     Diversity in living world

·     Structural Organization in Plants and Animals

·     Structure of a Cell, Functions of a cell

·     Plant physiology

·     Human Physiology


02) Class 12 Biology topics and concepts covered:

·     Reproduction

·     Genetics and evolution concepts

·     Biology of Humans, Welfare of Humans

·     Bio - Technology, Applications of Bio – Technology

·     Ecology and Environment


In the physics subject or section, more importance is given to topics like Current Electricity, Electro Magnetic waves, Electro Static Potential, Capacitance, Semiconductor Electronics – Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits, System of Particles and Rotational Motion, Electromagnetic Induction, Dual nature of Radiation and Matter, Laws of Motion, Kinetic Theory, Ray Optics and Optical Instruments, Wave Optics, Thermodynamics, and Work Energy and Power etc. These topics or chapters carry more weightage and are extremely crucial for the scoring high in the physics section. One can access questions from these above topics in the NEET previous year papers. Even though these topics have more weightage, other topics also should be prepared well and not neglected.

In the chemistry subject or section more importance is given to topics like Chemical Bonding, Co-ordination Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Equilibrium, Solutions, Redox Reactions, p – block Elements, d – block Elements, f – block Elements, Thermodynamics, Alcohols Phenols and Ethers, Aldehydes Ketones and Carboxylic Acids etc. These topics or chapters carry more weightage and are extremely crucial for the scoring high in the physics section. One can access questions from these above topics in the NEET Previous Year Question Papers. Even though these topics have more weightage, other topics also should be prepared well and not neglected.

In the Biology subject or section more importance is given to topics like Animal Kingdom, Biomolecules, Chemical Coordination and Integration, Molecular basis of Inheritance, Morphology of Flowering plants, Plant Kingdom, Principles of Inheritance and Variation, Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants, Human Reproduction, Digestion and Absorption, Biotechnology, Applications of Biotechnology. These topics or chapters carry more weightage and are extremely crucial for the scoring high in the physics section. One can access questions from these above topics in the NEET Past Papers. Even though these topics have more weightage, other topics also should be prepared well and not neglected.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers V/S Sample Papers:

Sample papers are a mere representation of the actual NEET exam and they don’t be useful after certain extent. We can only know about the model of the NEET exam from the sample papers. But from a NEET previous paper, candidates can come to know of the weightage of different topics in the three sections or subjects, style of questioning, time management techniques by timing the speed and many other factors. Any day NEET Previous year papers PDF are more useful and it is beneficial to practice with the NEET Previous Question Papers rather than working more on the sample papers.  

Key Points about NEET Previous year question Papers:

  • The question paper of NEET will be designed and released by the NTA, i.e., the National Testing Agency.
  • The NEET question papers can be helpful for candidates preparing for the Exam. They serve in knowing more about the key and important topics and the frequently asked questions. So, this gives students a better idea about what topics to be studied.
  • Candidates will be able to know about their key strength areas and weak areas by practicing the NEET Previous year question Weak areas need to be worked upon more by the aspirants or candidates.
  • Candidates will be able to develop their time management skills and boost their confidence levels by solving and practicing more and more NEET Previous Year Question Papers. Every question needs to be solved under minutes and if possible, in seconds. This level of intense attempting skills can be obtained by practicing more from the NEET previous year papers. The NEET Previous year papers PDF can be downloaded from this page.
  • All the NEET Past Papers papers are provided with answer keys in this page as well as from the website of NTA. This practice from NEET previous papers will give the candidates a boost in their preparation levels.

Tips to prepare for the exam using NEET Previous year question papers:

  • Prepare a preparation schedule with time of preparation allocated to each topic in the NEET syllabus.
  • Give more time while preparing those chapters which have more weightage and importance.
  • Analyze the NEET Past Papers, and prepare for the chapters accordingly
  • Make it a target of solving at least one NEET Previous Year Question Paper once every week or two weeks. Analyze your scores after each practice test of any of the NEET previous year papers. Candidates must come to know of their strong areas and weak areas from this alone.
  • Use figures, diagrams, charts and other infographics to remember some concepts. Remembering an image is always easier than cramming up a load of theory from the book. Images and diagrams are a big respite from the boring lines and sentences. These infographics can be easily remembered and recalled in the exam time.
  • Prepare a summarized version of each topic or chapter. Even if it is a small concept, a note of it would be helpful to brush up for revision just before the exam. Making sure that this summarized note is clear and understandable at a later point of time is also important. Candidates or aspirants should be able to understand and recall the concept or topic completely when looking at a summarized version at a later date, may be before the exam. More the clarity in note, lesser the confusion it can create.
  • Create analogies for certain concepts which the candidate might find difficult to remember. Relating a concept to a thing or idea related to the surrounding world can help a lot not only in understanding it, but also remembering the concept completely. This way, any concept which is a tougher nut to crack, can be easily recalled and applied during practice tests and even in the actual NEET exam.
  • Take regular intervals while studying, and avoid longer stretches of preparation.
  • Do not try to follow many reference books. There are a number of books available in the market for the sake of the exam preparation and due to the high competition nature and business scope surrounding the NEET exam. Beware of following too many books and sources for preparation. Try to find as many few books as possible for the preparation for the respective section – physics, chemistry and biology; or for the entire Exam as a whole. Many a times, NEET Past Papers are itself time taking to solve completely and further referring to other books might not be really helpful or effective in getting a better result. Candidates must remember that any good reference book with NEET Previous Year Question Papers PDF with solved material can give a good rank.
  • Revision plays a key role in scoring high in the NEET exam. Studying many topics and chapters from the vast syllabus might result in forgetting certain theoretical concepts or some formulae. For this purpose, revision can be done at a regular basis once the candidate completes every 5 topics or chapters. This will avoid the forgetting of the required data by the candidates or aspirants during or before the NEET exam. Also, practicing the NEET Past Papers and NEET Chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf will also be helpful after every chapter preparation.
  • Drink more water and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep. Practice basic exercising techniques. Avoid fast bites and unhealthy diet. Do not get involved in the unnecessary arguments or discussions unrelated to your career. Sometimes an unhealthy fight can disturb your mental and emotional states. Stay optimistic and ready to give the exam with good attitude. Candidates need to remember that NEET can be attempted well only with a healthy and fresh body as well as a healthy and peaceful mind. Preparing for longer durations with out taking rest or proper food can disturb the body functions. So, it is not only the extensive preparation that makes the difference but also a healthy lifestyle with a healthy body and mind together.
  • Maintain a diary or journal. Plan your day, week, and month according to your preparation style. Every student prepares differently, but all the top rankers have a clear and fixed schedule during their preparation phase. Planning wisely is the most strategic thing a candidate can do during the preparation for any competitive exam and not only NEET.
  • Plan your study time as bouts or stages for every few minutes or a fixed time interval. Remove all the deviations from the mind and as well as the room the candidate is preparing in. Try meditation for getting maximum focus. This will help in lesser distractions during the preparation.

Preparation strategies using NEET Previous Year Question Papers:

Competitive exams like NEET throw most of the aspirants in a challenging situation. Some candidates find it competitively interesting and challenging while some get bogged down even before the exam date. Some candidates get over - confident and lose it mid-way, only to know their preparation levels after the exam result is declared. Some other students leave the preparation in the middle, and get depressed. But above all these shortcomings or over doing of things, there is only one idea which can result in a desirable All India Rank in the NEET exam. NEET Past Papers and NEET Mock test series come to the rescue of any student. For a proper scoring and high accuracy in the attempted questions, the NEET Previous Year Question Papers will help a lot.

  • Understand and stay updated about the exam conduction and other criteria posted in the website of the NTA by the authorities.
  • Practice an efficient time management using the NEET Past Papers.
  • Work upon increasing your speed and accuracy of solving questions. Speed alone will not serve well, as accuracy also is very important for scoring well with the number of responses a candidate gives.
  • Get comfortable and used to the pattern by doing as many practice tests as possible using the NEET Previous Year Question Papers PDF and NEET Chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf
  • Self - analyzation of the candidate preparation levels and knowing the shortcomings in the preparation is very crucial to improve the score. Every great warrior has a chink in his or her armor or strategies. Knowing them and working on them creates champions and winners.
  • Solving as many NEET Past Papers as a candidate can do will boost the score by a huge margin making a huge difference in the ultimate All India Rank.
  • Solving complete paper of the NEET Previous Year Question Papers might be difficult in the initial stages of the preparation. So, choose NEET Chapter wise previous year questions free download pdf and practice on these before moving to the NEET Past Papers
  • Knowing about those concepts or topics from which there is definitely going to be a question will be greatly beneficial in honing the basics and advanced levels in the respective topic by giving more time and efforts. Solving at least 6-8 NEET Past Papers will greatly help.

NEET Exam Eligibility:

The eligibility criteria for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) (UG) is as follows:

  • Candidates or students willing to take the examination should have under 25 years. At the same time candidates from the OBC, SC, and ST categories have a 5 - year flexibility in the above age limit. The lower limit for all the category students is 17 years.
  • Candidates must pass the individual subjects of English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their high school. General Category students must get at least 50% of the marks in the English, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry subjects.

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NEET Past Papers | Previous Year Question Papers (Past 7 Years) – Download PDF
Practice & Analyze your NEET Prep with NEET Previous Year Papers- Download the previous year question papers of NEET along with answers and solutions
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