Origin and Evolution of life  Quiz-20

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NEET is the most famous and important medical entrance examination held in our country. This exam is an objective type, an offline test which includes 4 sections namely– Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. The maximum marks that can be scored are 720 marks and have 180 questions. About half of the paper consists of questions from Biology, as the NEET exam essentially focuses on capacitating students to go for seats in medical courses. One of the most significant and crucial sections in the NEET exam is of Biology. It comprises of theories, descriptions, discoveries, diagrams, definitions, explanations of differences, and relations. The majority of the topics covered in the NEET syllabus are from the NCERT syllabus of Class 11 & 12 and other related sources become part of the rest of the syllabus. Clear Exam curates a list of articles selected by professionals who recommend the highly vital topics for NEET exams. The table below takes you directly to the respective topic where the in-depth article and the MCQs are available for an easy and productive learning experience. Prior to solving NEET question papers or practicing mock tests, you must ensure to study the basic concepts in NEET and practice a few sample questions related to this exam. Students will be covered for all their studies as the topics are available from basics to even the most advanced. .

Q1. Australopithecus existed in
  •  Pliocene
  •  Miocene
  •  Pleistocene
  •  Both (a) and (b)
Australopithecusexisted in both Pliocene and Miocene.

Q2. Which one amoung the following is an example for homology?
  •  Eye of Octopus and mammals
  •  Tuber of sweet potato and potato
  •  Wings of butterfly and birds
  •  Thorn and tendrils of Bougainvillea and Cucurbita
Homology indicates common ancestry. It is based on divergent evolution, In plants, the thorns and tendrils of Bougainvillea and Cucurbita, respectivelyrepresent homology.

Q3. Life cannot originate from inorganic materials now because of
  •  Low atmospheric temperature
  •  High degree of pollution
  •  High atmospheric oxygen
  •  Absence of raw materials
Life cannot originate from inorganic materials now because of high atmospheric oxygen. Oxygen is potentially very dangerous to living things, because it reacts with organic molecules, destroying these molecules and releasing their stored energy.

Q4. Homo sapiens were arose during
  •  Ice-age between 25000-10000 years ago
  •  Continental drift between 75000-10000 years ago
  •  Continental drift between 75000-5000 years ago
  •  Ice-age between 50000-10000 years ago
Homo sapiens sapiens (the man of today) appeared about 25000 years ago and started spreading all over the world about 10,000 years ago. Morphologically, the transition is marked merely by slight raising of skull cap, thining of skull bones and cranial capacity (1300-1600 CC) and formation of four flexor in vertebral column

Q5.Which of the following situation would most likely result in the highest rate of natural selection?
  •  Reproduction by asexual method
  •  Low mutation is an stable environment
  •  Little competition
  •  Reproduction by sexual method
 Reproduction by sexual methods brings the change in progeny. In sexually genes reproduced organisms, the independent assortment of genes and genetic recombination takes place. Due to these events, the progeny have high rate of natural selection than the asexually reproduced organisms

Q6. Random genetic drift in a population probably results from
  •  Constant low mutation rate
  •  Large population size
  • Highly genetically variable individuals
  •  Interbreeding within this population
Genectic drift or Sewall Wright effect is statically significant change in population gene frequencies resulting from by chance and not from natural selection, emigration or immigration. In simple words, random loss of alleles is known as genetic drift.

Q7.Theory of pangenesis was given by
  •  Darwin
  •  Lamarck
  •  Hugo de Vries
  •  Oparin
Darwin proposed the theory of pangenesis to explain the inheritance of characteristics from parents to offsprings. According to this theory every somatic cells produces gemmules and the actual germ cells are the sites of collection of gemmules coming from different somatic cells.

Q8.In Hardy-Weinberg law the homozygous dominant alleles, homozygous recessive alleles and heterozygous alleles are represented byI II III





Q9.Which of the following molecules falls under the category of eobionts? I. Coacervates II. MicrospheresOnly I
  •   Only I
  •  Only II
  •  I and II
  •  None of these
Eobionts are of two types (i) Coacervates (ii) Microsphere. Eobionts are also called protocell or protobionts. There are two types of eiobionts (a) coacervates and (b) microsphere (i) Coacervates Lack membrane, no one claims coacervates are alive, but they do exhibit some life like characters. They able to grow and divide (ii) Microsphere A microsphere is a non-living collection of organic molecule with double layered outer boundary. The term given by Sydney Fox (1958-1964)

Q10. Krebs’ cycle, glycolysis, lipogenesis, enzymes, all of these indicates
  •  Biochemical evidence of evolution
  •  Morphological evidence of evolution
  •  Anatomical evidence of evolution
  • Biogeographical evidence of evolution
Biochemical Evidences The similarities is proteins and genes performing a common given function among the diverse organisms gives the clue to common ancestry. Several metabolic processes possesses the same enzyme in different organisms. e.g., Krebs’ cycle, glycolysis, nucleotide synthesis, etc.

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