Reproduction system and Embryology Quiz-13

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NEET is the most famous and important medical entrance examination held in our country. This exam is an objective type, an offline test which includes 4 sections namely– Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. The maximum marks that can be scored are 720 marks and have 180 questions. About half of the paper consists of questions from Biology, as the NEET exam essentially focuses on capacitating students to go for seats in medical courses. One of the most significant and crucial sections in the NEET exam is of Biology. It comprises of theories, descriptions, discoveries, diagrams, definitions, explanations of differences, and relations. The majority of the topics covered in the NEET syllabus are from the NCERT syllabus of Class 11 & 12 and other related sources become part of the rest of the syllabus. Clear Exam curates a list of articles selected by professionals who recommend the highly vital topics for NEET exams. The table below takes you directly to the respective topic where the in-depth article and the MCQs are available for an easy and productive learning experience. Prior to solving NEET question papers or practicing mock tests, you must ensure to study the basic concepts in NEET and practice a few sample questions related to this exam. Students will be covered for all their studies as the topics are available from basics to even the most advanced. .

Q1. Enlarged end of penis (called the glans penis) is covered by the skin called
  •  Foreskin
  •  Prepuce
  •  Both (a) and (b)
  •  None of the above
The forehead of the penis is covered by the skin. Foreskin and prepuce both terms are used for that skin

Q2. Mammalian egg has
  •  No yolk at all
  •  Small amount of yolk
  •  Large amount of yolk
  •  Yolk concentrated at one pole
Mammalian egg has very small amount of yolk


  •  A-Yolk sac, B-Amnion, C-Allantois, D-Chorion
  •  A-Chorion, B-Amnion, C- Yolk sac, D- Allantois
  •  A-Chorion, B-Amnion, C-Allantois, D- Yolk sac
  •  A-Chorion, B- Allantois, C- Amnion, D- Yolk sac
A- Chorion, B-Amnion, C- Yolk sac, D- Allantois. Extraembryonic or Foetal Membranes The growing embryo/foetus develops four membranes called the extraembryoic or foetal membranes. These include chorion, aminion, allantois and yolk sac (i) Chorion It is made up of trophoblast outside and somatopleuric extraembryonic mesoderm inside. It completely surrounds the embryo and protects it. It also takes part in the formation of placenta (ii) Amnion It is composed of trophoblast inside and somatopleuric extraembryonic mesoderm outside. The space between the embryo and the amnion is called the amniotic cavity, which is filled with a clear, watery fluid secreted by both the embryo and the membrane. The amniotic fluid prevents dessication of the embryo and acts as a protective cushion that absorbs shocks (iii) Allantois The allantois is composed of endoderm inside and splanchnopleuric extraembryoic mesoderm outside. It is a sac like structure, which arises from the gut of the embryo near the yolk sac. In human the allantois is small and non-functional except for furnishing blood vessels to the placenta (iv) Yolk Sac The primary yolk sac consists of endoderm inside and splanchnopleuric extraembryoic mesoderm outside. The yolk sac is non-functional in human beings except that it functions as the site of early blood cell formation


  •  A-Ampulla, B-Isthums, C-Infundibulum, D-Fallopian tube, E-Ovary, F-Uterine fundus
  •  A- Isthums, B- Infundibulum, C- Ampulla, D-Fallopian tube, E-Ovary, F-Uterine fundus
  •  A- Isthmus, B- Ampulla, C-Infundibulum, D-Fallopian tube, E-Ovary, F-Uterine fundus
  •  A-Ampulla, B- Infundibulum, C-Isthmus, D-Fallopian tube, E-Ovary, F-Uterine fundus

Q5.Which of the following structures are derivatives of the endoderm?
  •  Alimentary canal and respiratory structure
  •  Muscles and blood
  •  Excretory and reproductive structure
  •  Skin and nerve cord
  Alimentary canal and respiratory structure are endodermal in origin

Q6. Identify hormones A,B,C,D and E from the figures In the boxes shown in the figure write the name of the hormone (or hormones) controlling the stage in the human menstrual cycle

  •  A-FSH, B-LH, C-LH, D-Oestrogen, E-Progesterone
  •  A- LH, B- FSH, C-LH, D-Oestrogen, E-Progesterone
  • A-FSH, B-LH, C- FSH, D-Oestrogen, E-Progesterone
  •  A-FSH, B-LH, C-LH, D- Progesterone, E- Oestrogen

Q7.Match the following cell types with the corresponding chromosome complement, that is, whether the cell is haploid or diploid? (Note If the cell is haploid use ‘A’, if diploid use ‘B’)
I. Spermatozoan
II. Secondary spermatocyte
III. Spermatogonium
IV. Spermatid
V. Primary spermatocyte
VI. Secondary oocyte
VII. Second polar body
VIII. First polar body
IX. Primary oocyte
  •  I-A, II-A, III-B, IV-A, V-B, VI-A, VII-A, VIII-A, IX-B
  •  I-A, II-A, III-B, IV-B, V-B, VI-A, VII-A, VIII-A, IX-A
  •  I-A, II-A, III-A, IV-A, V-A, VI-A, VII-A, VIII-B, IX-B
  •  I-B, II-B, III-B, IV-B, V-B, VI-B, VII-B, VIII-A, IX-B

Q8.What is the purpose of polar bodies during oogenesis?
  •  Polar bodies serves both as a dumping ground for extra sets of chromosomes and ensure that the ovum will have most of the cytoplasm
  •  TThey rid the body of defective sets of chromosomes, leaving the ‘good’ set within the ovum
  •  They are merely the by-product of meiosis and serve no function
  •  They prevent the development of most sets of multiple birth

Q9. ‘XX’ is a thick structure of male reproductive system which arises from cauda epididymis. ‘XX’ are 2 in number and its lining has many stereocilia. Identify ‘XX’
  •  Vasa efferentia
  •  Vasa deferentia
  •  Penis
  •  Scrotum
Vasa deferentia emerges from the cauda epididymis on each side and leaves the scrotal sac and enters the abdominal cavity through inguinal canal. It is lined by many stereocilia to transport the sperms from testis to the outside through urethra

Q10. External opening of penis is called
  •  Ureter
  •  Urinary bladder
  •  Urethral meatus
  • Prepuce
The urethra originates from the urinary bladder and extends through the penis to its external opening called urethral meatus

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